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Post Game Quote Sheet: MNT 0, ENG 2

U.S. Head Coach Bob Bradley
On the match:
“First, I would give credit to England for a good performance. Overall, I thought that the first 30 minutes we dealt pretty well with the speed of the game. As we moved on in the half, certainly we hurt ourselves with giving away some fouls around the box to a dangerous team on set pieces, and they took advantage of that. In the second half, there was an attempt to push a level up on our end, but we couldn’t sustain enough pressure and in that regard England on the night was quite good. The second goal for them was excellent passing movement and I give them credit.”

On whether Landon Donovan was injured:
“Yes. He didn’t pass a fitness test today.”

On if Landon will be in contention for the team against Spain:
“That’s a difficult question. He is one of the MLS players set to join back with the Galaxy as they have a match on Saturday in Toronto, so I think that will determine what happens in terms of his Spain game.”

On if the U.S. earned respect tonight:
“My feeling is that we came off a very important victory in Poland, and when you win a game like that it doesn’t mean that you have arrived. Now, when you raise the bar, and again I think England raised the bar tonight, we learn we still have a ways to go. We must continue to work; these kinds of games are very important.”

On Steve Gerrard:
“He did a good job of coming into the seams and finding the ball. Certainly, he was involved in many of their good movements on the night, so in that regard I would still give him the credit. I’ve seen him play in different roles, and whether that is the best one I guess time will tell, but he certainly always has a way to determine the match.”

On how this game helps the team prepare for World Cup qualifying:
“The juggling of the MLS players is the most difficult part of this right now. We have some players that will go back with their MLS teams. As we go through the next two games, there will some other players that come in, some of the ones here will return. The opportunity for us to play three games like this doesn’t come along that often, and we need to take advantage of these games to get the experience, to see some different combinations of players and, yet, at the same time, the goal is to learn certain things from tonight’s game and apply them next week against Spain.”

On David Beckham performing well helps the league:
“It is important for MLS that Beckham continues to play well and continue to get called in and produce for England. That within itself is an important statement for our league. I think his play early in the season this year for the Galaxy is better than last year. Last year, he had some injuries and again it’s a new league, it’s not La Liga or the Premiership, but it’s still different. This year, I think he’s played well and now he’s had two straight call-ups and brings some quality to the English side.”

Midfielder Michael Bradley
On the match:
“We didn’t play as well as well as we would have liked, and I think England played pretty well. We gave up a goal at a poor time in the first half, so going into halftime down 1-0 makes it tough.”

On the first half:
“I didn’t think it was our best half, but we still managed to stay with them and play on fairly even terms. We gave too many set pieces away but all-in-all the first half was even, but credit to them they make a goal off a set piece five minutes before the half and that sort of tips things in their favor.”

On how crucial it will be to get at least one result in the next two games against Spain and Argentina:
“When we have the chance to play against the top teams in Europe we have to take advantage of that. Like I said, it wasn’t our best game tonight but we learn from it and a week from tonight when we step on the field against Spain we do better.”

Midfielder Clint Dempsey
On the disappointment of losing to England:
“Any time you lose it’s always disappointing. After having a week off and trying to get everybody back, the purpose of these games is to challenge ourselves. We weren’t the better team tonight, but the most important thing is we’re trying to move in a positive direction so we do well in qualifying. Having a game like this definitely is going to help us.”

On England’s performance:
“They did well and took advantage of their chances. The game I thought was pretty even in the opening 20 minutes and then when they scored their goal it kind of put us on their back foot going in 1-0 at halftime. Then in the second half they get another goal and it kind of took the wind out of our sails. They just kind of passed the ball around then, had more possession and were the better team.”

U.S. Forward Eddie Johnson:
On his shot that was just wide in the second half:
“Whenever you play a good team like that, it’s hard to break them down. When you don’t get many chances in a game like that against a great team, you want to take your chances when you get them. It was a good ball by (Heath) Pearce and I just tried to redirect it.”

U.S. Goalkeeper Tim Howard
On how important it is to play difficult games leading into World Cup qualifying:
“I think that’s our biggest downfall. We’ve qualified for the last five World Cups, go to the World Cup and we’re not that great because we play the best teams in the world. We probably need – as we are tonight and the next two weeks – play the best teams in the world and see how we stack up. I think tonight we were on our back foot for most of the night. I don’t know if it’s a confidence thing when we play big teams like this, but that’s going to help us in the long run because we can get on the field against teams like this and say we were pretty much in the game barring a few things.”

On if the team is used to playing in tough matches like tonight:
“We’re certainly not used to it by any stretch, but we’re getting there. These are some huge games for us and we either grow from it or we will continue to get tough lessons.”