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Memories of Mooch: Oct. 10 (second edition)

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Mooch Myernick Memorial Fund

MNT Asst. Glenn Myernick Passes Away

Glenn "Mooch" Myernick


“He was an unbelievable husband and father, and the finest soccer person I've ever come across in the United States. He was an amazing resource for soccer in this country. He will be sorely missed."

- Former U.S. MNT Manager Bruce Arena

October 10, 2006 (second edition)

Mooch was a great person. What more can I say? He was a loyal assistant, who would do anything I would ask of him. He was a tremendous liaison to the soccer community and had a tremendous amount of respect and enthusiasm for the game. Mooch never lost his desire to be the best he could be. He had a work ethic second to none. He was always someone I could lean on.

Off the field he was truly amazing. A great father, husband, son, brother and friend. I cannot recall a day he didn't talk about his family. He was so proud of Nancy, Kelly and Travis. He taught us all the value of family and friendship.

Within our staff with the national team, Mooch made himself the leader and social chairman. He knew how to get everyone focused at the task in hand and how to get us away to relax and enjoy life - whether it was over a crossword puzzle, joke or glass of wine.

I will miss working with Mooch, and will miss his friendship. We lost a great person.

Bruce Arena


Mooch was a pure gentleman. Mooch was a national team coach with years of experience, and I, a young coach with a passion to become better. He had the innate ability to not only take the time to speak with you, but also make you feel that this conversation was the most important thing at that moment. It is a huge loss for soccer in this country because he had so much to offer our sport and there are very few coaches and human beings quite like Mooch. He will be sorely missed.

Aidan Heaney
Head Men's Soccer Coach
UNC Wilmington


Dear Myernick Family,

Mooch has touched many people. When he was coaching the Rapids and visiting Los Angeles, he always made time for us and asked my young son - "How is my man Brett?" He introduced my boys to his players and always made them feel welcome around the Rapids.

Throughout the years, Mooch continued to touch our lives and has been an inspiration to us. At coaching clinics or at U.S. National Team games, he made a difference - not only with his knowledge and enthusiasm for soccer - but with his smile, his personal touch and his stories - we all got a kick hearing about how his sister gave him the nickname - 'Mooch.'

Mooch is truly one of the greats - in soccer and in life. We will all miss him. Our prayers are with you.

Michael Kodama
Burroughs High School Soccer Coach
Burbank, California


From our early days as assistants at Columbia and Hartwick, through coaching schools and coaching venues, Mooch and I had the opportunity to cross paths many times. Too many shared memories to mention, his passing presents a void that the coaching fraternity and I may never fill. The U.S. Soccer community may replace his vacant post but it will never find a match for his passion, professionalism, love, talent and caring for teaching our youth and its coaches. The prayers and thoughts of the Army Soccer Program at West Point go out to his family and friends at this difficult time.

Kurt Swanbeck
Head Coach Men's Soccer
United States Military Academy


Mooch and I grew up together in Trenton, N.J., and played for and against each other throughout our youth. He was as talented a player as I have ever seen and a great teammate. I have been very fortunate to have coached college soccer for the last 30 years and I am deeply saddened that we have lost such a wonderful ambassador for our sport. My prayers go out to his family. Mooch you will be dearly missed but I am a better person because I was fortunate to have you as a friend.


Bob Gray
Marshall University Head Men's Soccer Coach


Dear Mooch,

Today we can celebrate your life. At the same time we can also appreciate all that you did for soccer in America. You influenced more lives than you will ever know, from your friends, to players to coaches to fans. Your role in the development of soccer is immeasurable and priceless. Having worked with you, for you and gotten to know you as a friend a colleague and as a mentor I will for ever be grateful. You are an inspiration to all of us who have attempted to coach this great game.
Very few of us can put together all the qualities you had as a coach including passion, dedication love and respect. You put life in perspective, you loved soccer but you were a great family man and a great friend. I will always remember with affection our friendship and all the years we worked together while at U.S. Soccer.

But I think that those that knew you closely will always remember you more for the person you were, very caring, affectionate, generous, polite and with a great sense of humor. And it is your humor that I will especially remember, those moments when we would share a glass of wine or a meal and listen to you tell a joke like no other person could.

Mooch. Thank you,

Your fellow U.S. Soccer Coaching Coordinator and Assistant Coach with the '95 U-17 Men's National Team,

Carlos Juarez


He was an ultimate gentleman, lover of life, superior athlete, and friend. On national team road trips, Mooch always spoke of his devotion to Nancy, Kelly andTravis. He never ceased to ask me about my family first, then the job. As hard as he worked, there was no question as to what came first in his life. Mooch - you are sorely missed.

Monica Rigali
Nike Soccer Sports Marketing Manager


When Mooch was 13 we played against one another in N.J. high school soccer. That was the first time I realized someone younger was greatly more gifted than anyone I had played against. He was ahead of anyone at that age. Many people saw it and a chosen few fostered his greatness. They know who they are. Many of us, fellow players, fostered his friendship, companionship for over 35 years. We all kept track of him and he never ceased to delight in contacts with N.J. boys of soccer. His gentle stare coupled with his engaging smile enveloped his true greatness. On many occasions I would bring younger players to meet him when he was in Boston. We would run together in Harvard Yard, afterward kiddingly saying he felt smarter than before the jog. He was a true Hero for me, and a real life Champion of men. And most of all a cherished friend. My love and embrace for his wife and children.

Mike Stricklin
Rhode Island


Mooch Myernick touched a lot of lives, often unknowingly, through his coaching, mentoring, seminars and symposia, writing, and in countless other ways. Even coaches who didn't know him well benefited from his tutelage. He was always open to a question or a discussion about our game at any time of day or night, whatever the setting - the field, a classroom, on the street. He also never forgot a name and a face, a unique characteristic for a national coach who met so many people in soccer during the course of a year, and touched all their lives.

I knew Mooch Myernick only from coaching education seminars and field work, but I was always impressed with his breadth of knowledge about the game, his willingness to take all sorts of questions, and his passion and love for our sport.

One of a kind. And the U.S. coaching fraternity will miss him as a brother.

Len Oliver
Director of Coaching, DC Stoddert Soccer
VYSA State Staff Coach
National Soccer Hall of Fame (1996)


My sincerest condolences to the Myernick family.

Mooch probably would never have remembered me because of the numerous members of the media who spent some time with him, but I will never forget his kindness and generosity.

I will never forget how he treated me and my crew with respect and hospitality during the first years of the MLS when he coached the Rapids.

Back then, working with the Hispanic Media was a new concept for most in the league and Mooch embraced the opportunity where others were not so inclined.

I am sure this experience was only a microcosm of many great qualities he possessed, but it was extremely reaffirming for me in my career.

You will be missed Mooch.

Eli Velazquez
Director of Sports



Soccer friend and mentor...I have appreciated your contribution to U.S. Soccer more each of the years since '95 when I met you as one of the national instructors at my "A' license. I witnessed your passion shine through while you instructed coaches at the courses, and on front of hundreds of coaches (at the conventions) held clinics with mature adult players and the sessions with the five-year-olds (showing us all that we should not be above working with the little ones - after all here was a national team coach working and showing what could be done with the young ones) ... I was floored with the love you shared every time I saw you ... how much fun could be had with anything related to soccer.

Thank you for all you've done. My life is more blessed having known you. May God bless you in kind.

Victor Valderrama


Hi U.S. Football

It is very sad to hear that the assistant national coach has passed away. As a football fan it was clear that his contribution to your national team success in recent years, particularly at Korea/Japan 2002, was immense. I remember your football well from that tournament and the Americans clearly were the fittest team at the World Cup unluckily losing to Germany in the quarterfinals.

Please accept my condolences and send them to the family of Mr. Myernick. RIP Glenn Myernick

David Mcgaw
Australian football fan


What a sad day for American soccer! Mooch was one of my instructors at the National Coaching School in 1988. He was helpful, demanding and just exactly what I needed. I am so sorry that we have lost him.

David Hurst


First, my sincere condolences to Nancy, Kelly and Travis. Our prayers and thoughts are with you guys. I was very fortunate not only to play with and against Mooch for several years in the NASL and MISL, but also know him off the field as a genuine and wonderful friend and father for almost 30 years.

I will always remember my first introduction to Mooch, my old Dallas Tornado teammate, in early February, 1978. I had just arrived to Dallas, Texas from Helsinki, Finland, and knew nobody and spent the first two days alone in our apartment … just waiting. It was a snowy Monday morning when somebody knocked on the front door. I opened the door and there he was … “Hi, my name is Mooch, time to go to practice.” Couple days later, Mooch and Nancy took us out for a dinner at Fridays’ on Greenville Avenue.

Throughout the years, you could always count on Mooch’s work effort, knowledge, passion and honesty. He will be sorely missed as one of the true and genuine resources of the U.S. Soccer scene, forever.


Kai Haaskivi
Head Men’s & Women’s Soccer Coach
Myers University
Cleveland, Ohio


As a high school soccer coach, I truly mourn the loss of one of the great pioneers of U.S. Soccer. Thank you to Mooch's family for supporting him as he led the U.S. to greatness when all hope seemed lost. His legacy will inspire future generations!

Rusty Oglesby
Head Men's Soccer Coach
Wakeland High School


I grew up with "Moochie" in Lawrence Township, N.J., and I will always remember his warm smile, powerful kick and huge heart. He was a man amongst boys and a true pioneer for soccer in the United States. Together with Tom Bartolino, Ron Kohler, Pat Kreger, Jeffrey Lewin, Billy Parks, Harry Mansman and a collection of other hometown hero's, the Lawrence High School Cardinals were a national soccer powerhouse for almost an entire decade. "Moochie" will be missed more than mere words can express.

Game on Mooch, Game on!!

Michael B. Yatvin

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