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U.S. 2 - Mexico 0 Poster / Don't Tread on Me T-Shirt

In this section, we give you an inside look at the latest soccer gear by highlighting a different U.S. Soccer product each month, from the newest, state-of-the-art Nike apparel to all kinds of other exclusive U.S. Men’s & Women’s merch. However, this month, we decided to shake it up a bit, and not only provide you with a heads-up on two of the newest items you can find at the U.S. Soccer Store, but also give Center Circle readers a rare look into the inner workings of U.S. Soccer (check out the following section “Behind the Gear”). You want to talk Gear Galore? Read on.

What was the best moment during the U.S. Men’s National Team’s 2-0 victory over Mexico on September 3 at Columbus Crew Stadium which put us through to Germany?

a. Beas masterfully bending his shot by Mexican ‘keeper Oswaldo Sanchez into the upper 90 for the clinching goal and then performing his teammate-juke celebration.
b. Gooch manhandling Borgetti all game, including the epic stare-down at one point. (Talk about not wanting to make someone mad. Yikes! Gooch, if you’re reading this we just want to remind you that it’s all love emitting from CC. We do not, repeat DO NOT, want you on our bad side.)
c. The final whistle that guaranteed the U.S. was in the 2006 World Cup and the subsequent red, white and blue flag waving celebration between the ecstatic players and the proud fans.

Can’t choose, right? We hear ya. Plus, why pick one when you can remember all the above and more with a full-size, full-color poster with a smattering of game defining pictures. Just put the 26” x 34” poster on the wall of your bedroom or office and relive that day at any moment!

Okay, you logged on to to get the poster, which will remind you of what was, so now you need to look ahead to what will be – and join the movement!

C’mon, you’ve seen the Nike campaign. We’re talking about the flag-waving, apple-pie eating, red-blooded American Soccer Movement that shouts boldly to the world: “Don’t Tread on Me!”

We’re giving you a chance to slither into the craze that is taking over soccer fans as the U.S. move towards the World Cup next summer. All you have to do is slap down a few bucks for a red “Don’t Tread on Me” t-shirt, complete with the striking snake logo on the front, allowing everyone to know you’ve joined the campaign.

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