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Quote Sheet: U.S. U-20 MNT Talks About Egypt Matchup

U.S. Head Coach Sigi Schmid
On where they stand going into their final group game:
"We're pleased. If someone had said that we'd have four points after two games and Jonathan Spector would only have played 30-odd minutes I would have thought that it might not have been possible, or would have at least been a big task. I think we've responded well. Nathan Sturgis has stepped in and played very well. What I’m happy with is that we were the team that dominated the game for most of the (Germany) match."

On how Egypt has played:
“I think Egypt is a good team that has been a little bit unlucky. In their first game with Germany in the first half they could have easily been in the lead, but then let in the two late goals. Argentina is a good team and they had to work very hard to beat Egypt.”

On what the U.S. needs to do in the game:
"We need to get some early goals because if we don't the game could develop into a bit of a scrap."

On Egypt:
“I’m sure Egypt is going to make some changes. For them to advance is very difficult at this stage. Because of goal differential, they are probably not going to get out of last place no matter what they do.”

On having played Egypt in March:
“It always helps because they know it is a game they can win, but every game is a new game, a new adventure and we’ve got to see how we’re going to do. We have more at stake in this game than Egypt does, so we have to be smart and not get drawn into things. At the same time we want to try and win our group, which means we have to win the game.”

On the Argentina-Germany match-up:
“If we win the game I think we can take care of everything ourselves, but obviously a tie there or a win by Argentina gives us an easier chance of winning the group.”

U.S. Midfielder Benny Feilhaber
On what they want to do against Egypt:
“We want to try and get a goal early because we know goal differential could be a factor if Germany beats Argentina. We’re going to get our chances, we just have to put them away.”

On having played Egypt this past March:
“We obviously know we can play with them. Last time we played them and had some chances early, but we weren’t able to put them away. If we’re able to do that in this game it will make things easier for us.”

U.S. Goalkeeper Quentin Westberg
On Egypt:
“Egypt will not be an easy game. We already faced them in South Korea not too long ago and we won 1-0 and dominated most of the game, but they still had a couple of chances. We’ve had a couple other chances to look at them on tape and they have some talented players, so we need to be focused.”

On what they’ve seen of Egypt:
"We watched their first half against Germany and it was probably their best half in the tournament. They were very skillful and were able to get out of some tough situations and had a few good chances. Their game is very offense-minded, and they are very skillful so we have to be wary of that."

U.S. Defender Nathan Sturgis
On what he expects from Egypt:
"I think they'll come out and attempt to gain some respect after losing two in a row. I'm sure they want to get something out of the game. We can't afford to sit back and think we'll roll them over. I'm sure they'll come out wanting to play and show what they are capable of, so we have to do the same."

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