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2005 National Referee Candidates

CHICAGO (Monday, November 24, 2003) - All grade 5 referees who wish to attend the 2005 National Certification/Recertification and Professional League Referee Training Seminar should file a declaration form with their SRA in time for the SRA to submit the declaration form to the national office between December 1 and December 30 this year.

Candidates must have a State 1 grade date of January 1, 2003 or earlier to be eligible. Candidates must attain the age of 23 before January 1, 2005. They must be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident. Proof of a candidate’s residency status must be sent with the declaration form (.pdf). Proof of status includes U.S. Birth Certificates, naturalization papers and/ or permanent resident cards (Referees who are being interviewed for a change in status are not eligible. Referees here on student visas are not eligible. For other categories, check with our office).

Candidates must attend a scheduled Professional League Referee Training Seminar and pass the physical fitness test at that time to qualify for professional league assignments. The schedule of professional clinics will be posted on the web in December.

The names of candidates will be posted on the web along with a notation about the status of their application. Referees will not be assigned to professional league matches until all requirements are met. Inclusion on the list of National Candidates posted on the web page does not guarantee assignment to any particular level. Assignments are always based on ability and availability.

For a full description of the criteria for becoming a National Referee, please see the Referee Administrative Handbook.