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Quote Sheet: U.S. & Mexico in the Media


"0-21-1? It really doesn't mean anything to me. We really have this belief that we should have a good chance to win when we go anywhere in (North or) Central America and the Caribbean. First of all, we're better prepared than we've ever been."
Landon Donovan, describing his approach to the game this Sunday [USA Today, 3/24/05]

“I once saw Cobi cough up something that looked like a brownie.  It’s like never smoking your whole life, then being told to smoke a pack of cigarettes and try to function normally. You get sick.” 
Former national team forward Eric Wynalda, describing the air quality in Mexico City [Sports Illustrated, March 28]

“This is what we live to do, to play in front of 100,000 people. With the three weeks of camp that we've had and the efforts the guys have put out and the results that we've got, I think we're prepared."
Pablo Mastroeni, on the preparations for Mexico [Los Angeles Times, March 22]

“I think our team has the confidence they can win every time they step on the field, and that includes on Sunday in Mexico City. And I think we will step on that field Sunday trying to win. I'm not certain that there have been many U.S. teams in the past that really believed that.”
U.S. Manager Bruce Arena, on the team's confidence heading into Sunday. [, March 22]


"We have to make them pay back the elimination from the last World Cup, now it's our turn to leave them out."
Jaime Lozano [Reuters, March 23]

"No one is going to come here and beat us."
Oswaldo Sanchez [March 23]

"I have a bad taste in my mouth, a bad memory of them and I am waiting to take out my anger."
Rafael Marquez [El Universal, March 23]

"We have to be intelligent. We have to handle the ball well so that our opponent runs a lot and gets tired easily."
Coach Ricardo LaVolpe [EFE,March 23]

"I feel that this is an opportunity to demonstrate that we're better than they are. I think it will be different (than the World Cup) because most of us are young."
Hugo Sanchez Guerrero [La Opinion, March 24]