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U.S. Soccer Referee Ricardo Salazar

Best place to live: On a beach, in the heart of a big city or on a large ranch?
“Near the beach. Because of the climate; the beach is warm. I’ve had enough of this (cold weather).”

Best pre-game ritual: sleeping, listening to music or just relaxing?
“Sleeping and watching a movie. I like ‘Scarface.’ Any kind of in-house movie.”

Favorite subject in school: Math, science or English?
“Math because there was always more than one way to figure it out.”

Electronic equipment you couldn’t live without: Cell phone, computer or Ipod?
“My computer; you’ve got music on there and can talk to people.”

Favorite color shirt to wear while officiating a soccer match: classic black, yellow/gold or red/burgundy?
“Definitely the classic black. The yellow makes you look fatter than you are. The red is okay but the black, it just goes well with the FIFA badge. It looks good.”

Toughest situation for a referee: giving an early red card, awarding a late PK or disallowing a goal?
“I think the late penalty.”

Who’s hardest on refs: coaches, players or fans?
“Probably the fans. You get one of those Mexican games; the Mexican club teams coming here and you just hope what’s raining down out of the stands is beer.”

Favorite MLS stadium to referee a game in: The Home Depot Center, Pizza Hut Park or Toyota Park?
“The Home Depot Center. It’s home for me.”

Other than MLS, league in the world that you’d most like to officiate a match: English Premier League, Serie A or German Bundesliga?
“Probably Serie A. I like the fans and the quality of football is good.”

Superstitions on day of a game: Have one, have more than one or don’t have any?
“I call it a routine more than a superstition I guess. I watch a movie and eat a chicken sandwich.”

What sport is the most difficult to officiate other than soccer: Football, hockey or basketball?
“Probably hockey, cause I don’t understand it. Basketball might be another. I’ve would think football’s gotta be the easiest because they’ve always got instant replay.”

What single play is the most difficult action to officiate in sports: calling balls or strikes in baseball, a ‘catch’ in football or a foul in basketball?
“Balls and strikes cause it changes.”

Sport you most like to officiate other than soccer: basketball, football or baseball?
“Beach volleyball, because of the scenery.”

Sport you most like to play besides soccer: basketball, baseball/softball or golf?
“Golf. I can hold my own. Basketball would be hard. Baseball…too boring.”

Best sporting event: NCAA Final Four, Super Bowl or the World Cup?
“By far the World Cup. You know, actually one of my pet peeves is when they say the World Champion Chicago Bulls, World Series baseball New York Yankees, but there aren’t any teams outside the U.S. This is the only true world game where, outside the Olympics, the United States could be the actual world champions.”

Best kind of dishes you can make: breakfast items, dinner entrees or desserts?
“Dinner. I make a pretty good salmon on the grill, but here in the wintertime, I have this nice little pressure cooker. Wrap it up in foil and a little seasoning and a little olive oil, little rice to go with it.”

Best concession snack at a ballgame: Hotdog, nachos or pretzel?
“Nachos, the spicy nachos, easy on the jalapenos.”

You’re in charge of dinner: Cooking an actual meal, throwing in a frozen pizza or heading to a restaurant?
“I’d cook it. I’d probably cook salmon or I can make a pretty decent, from scratch, chicken and rice soup. A little Greek salad, a little dessert: chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.”

Funniest animated series: “Simpsons,” “Family Guy” or “South Park”?
“I’d say the ‘Simpsons,’ because I never watch the other ones.”

Reality show you’d like most to be on: “Survivor,” “The Amazing Race” or “American Idol”?
“Probably the ‘Amazing Race.’ I’d take my wife with me and she’d do alright.”

Best soccer movie: “Victory,” “Bend it Like Beckham” or “Kick and Screaming”?
“‘Victory’ by far.”

Type of music you listen to most: Classic rock, Top 40 or classical?
“Probably classic rock. I listen to everything, all kinds of stuff.”

You become blessed with an amazing musical voice. What singing career would you pursue: member of a boy band, solo artist or lead vocal in band?
“Probably solo. Going the road all alone. Maybe get a Celine Dion gig in Vegas. Don’t have to move anywhere since there’s a stadium and stuff.”

What’s your initial reaction to this referee’s unique style? Some efficient movements, it’s completely ridiculous or what unique style?
“What unique style, it looks just like Jair Marrufo.”

Think you can take any tips from this guy?
“Yeah, what not to do.