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Post-Game Quote Sheet: USA vs. Mexico

On the loss:
“We’re definitely still shocked and very disappointed, but sometimes this afternoon we have to leave those emotions behind and only look forward to Costa Rica. This is a very resilient group, a brave group and we’ll bounce back and take care of business on Monday and hopefully move forward from there.”

On dealing with a rare defeat:
“This team has some really high points and some tough times. This is definitely a different emotion than 2007 (when the USA lost in the semifinal at the Women’s World Cup). The biggest difference is that this time around we know we have a second life, a second chance to redeem ourselves. That’s the major difference and hopefully we’ll go into Monday’s game and play like we know how and move forward from there.”

On the match:
“We were definitely prepared. We knew what we were getting ourselves into playing Mexico in Mexico. The atmosphere was extremely loud and Mexico had all the adrenalin in the world. We expected that, but Mexico did in a way bring more energy and played a very strong game. We obviously didn’t play our best soccer and we know we are capable of a lot more.”

On going down early:
“In soccer, when you go down a goal early on, you have a big challenge in front of you. We scrapped back and got the tying goal and then just put ourselves in just a little too much of a hole with them scoring just a couple minutes after that. It was pretty much a worse-case scenario with them having the momentum and the home crowd behind them. It was just a hole we couldn’t get out of. But I think this is completely a learning experience. We’ll only get stronger and I guess this is another thing in our arsenal that we’ll carry with us.

On the third-place match against Costa Rica:
“You can expect a lot of fire and passion. I think this was the ultimate wake-up call for this team. You will see a team that is hungry and passionate for goals and I think we’ll take care of business.”

On the match:
“That’s soccer. On any given day, a game can go anyway. Mexico came out hard and played well. Things happen like that. They definitely got a lot of momentum getting a goal early and having a huge crowd, it was just a little bit difficult for us to deal with. It was great that we got a goal back so quickly, but that next one was hard to take. We definitely fought, but we didn’t play our game and didn’t get the result we wanted.”

On looking forward:
“We have some work ahead. It’s definitely very doable, we just have to be focused, get out there and get after it.”

U.S. Midfielder CARLI LLOYD
On the match:
“Mexico is a very talented team. This isn’t the position we would have liked to be in, but they came at us. They had the crowd rooting for them and they came out with nothing to lose. We had some chances and took over a bit in the second half, but unfortunately the ‘keeper stopped a lot of the shots and we couldn’t get one in the back of the net.”

On rebounding from the loss:
“Very rarely are we in this situation. I think that we all have to regroup. I’ve already stopped thinking about the game and we have to focus on Costa Rica. That’s the biggest thing. We can always say, ‘what if’ but we have to move forward. This will make our group stronger and is going to make us appreciate the ride a bit more. You can never take anything for granted.”

On facing Costa Rica for third place:
“I don’t feel good right now, but there is another game. I told the team, that as long as there is a chance to go to the World Cup, we will take that.”

On the match and giving up an early goal:
“You can’t take anything for granted. We knew Mexico would be a good team and that it would be a good game. Today, they scored one more goal than we did and their early goal made a big different. They got the 12th player, the crowd to support them and they had so much energy. Not only that, when we scored to tie the game, they came back to score right after.”

On the match:
“I think Mexico made us look not so good today. They are a very technical team. We tried hard, but we weren’t lucky and Mexico had a good goalkeeper. We couldn’t put away the chances we created and if you can’t do that, you won’t win. The women’s game is so tight nowadays, there are so many good teams out there, that you have to put away your chances.”

On the match:
“We needed to use the flanks a little more and get a better transition. We tried to keep possession in the wrong situations, so when we had the chance for transition to play that final pass, we didn’t. We waited to long.”

On the USA’s performance:
“It was not so good, but we tried hard, I will give them that. We changed the formation and some players, but you have to put away your chances. We didn’t create that many chances, but that’s international soccer. If you get a chance, you have to put it away, and Mexico did that today.”

On Mexico:
“They played very well, from the goalkeeper on up. They are technical, they keep possession and they go straight to goal with numbers as well.”