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U.S. Women's National Team Post-Game Quotes vs. England

- USA Women Post 1-1 Draw vs. England -

U.S. head coach Greg Ryan on England:
“First I want to congratulate England. I thought they played a very, very good match throughout the team, from the goalkeeper through all the lines. I thought the back line played very well, not only defending, but getting involved in the attack. The England midfield, I thought, really dominated the game today and I was very impressed with how well they did together. The front line did very well. I think Kelly Smith is that player that catches your eye and you realize she can change the game and she almost did several times today.”

On the match:
“We’re missing five of our top players, and in fairness to our young players, they gave us everything they had today and put in a good, hard effort. But in fairness to the game, I think England had the better of the game today.”

On the young U.S. players:
“We knew when we brought this group over that one of the main things we were going to do was evaluate players to see how they played in different environments. Some players that played well in the Germany game had a little off game, and some players who had off games against Germany played a little better today. So for us, we are continuing to figure out which of these young players we can move into our first team as we move on down the road.”

On the value of the match for the U.S. team:
“For these young (players) that haven’t played that much, this was a very, very competitive international match that could have turned at any second in the game, and just that experience is going to be very helpful to the young players.”

On goal scorer Heather O’Reilly:
“I thought she played well against Germany, and she played well again today. Her work rate is just outstanding and today, not only scoring a goal, she made a lot of good passes and played really smart and intelligently. I was really happy with Heather today.”

Forward Heather O’Reilly on the match:
“One of the good things is that we are facing adversity early in the year with a young group. We may not have gotten the result that we wanted today, but hopefully we’ll take things from the game and change and become a better team. On the field today, we scored a good goal. We had a nice service from Natasha Kai and I was lucky enough to get my head on the end of it. But to be honest, we didn’t have our best game so the things that we did great are limited, but hopefully we’ll learn from them.”

On scoring a rare (for her) header goal:
“Surprisingly, I had a couple in college my junior year and every time I was surprised, but it’s definitely a pleasant one.”

On her goal, and the England goal:
“It is nice to get a goal under my belt, but they came back with one goal as well and I take personal responsibility for it as it was their right back that came up and scored the goal. I was playing left winger so I should have been tracking her better than I was.”

Defender Cat Whitehill on the match:
“We’re a young team, and even though we didn’t have our best performance, we still came out with a tie. If we beat China, we still have a chance to win this tournament. We have to learn from what we did well, build on that, and learn from our mistakes. That’s the only way you can become a better team.”

Defender Heather Mitts on the match:
“Obviously we did some good things, and there are things that we definitely need to improve on. There were a lot of times where they were dangerous. Kelly Smith is an amazing player and there were times when we let her have a little too much time.”

On continuing to improve in the tournament:
“Obviously, one of (the goals for this tournament) was for a lot of the young players to come in and get some experience. A lot of the forwards haven’t played together and think this game was definitely better. There was better chemistry up top. I thought they did some good things and they were able to hold the ball. There were things we could have done better, and hopefully we can improve them in the next game. The good news is that we are still not out of winning this thing…we want to be able to go home champions of the tournament.”

England head coach Hope Powell on the match:
“It was a competitive game and at times we canceled each other out, a lot of stalemates. Certainly coming in this game, having watched them play Germany, we were better prepared for this game. We took a lot of experience from it. I want to applaud the USA, they are an exceptional side and we learned a lot from today’s game. To come away 1-1 is an exceptional result for us.”

On her squad improving from a flat performance against China:
“In today’s game, we analyzed the USA when they played Germany and we tried to counter their strengths. We are fully aware that this is not their best team, but we prepared in a more diligent way and changed our game plan that would better suit us for this game. The girls were very, very disappointed when they played China and they wanted to make it better today. They were ready for it this time. I am not so sure when we played China that we were quite ready for it. It’s the first time playing in this tournament, we were a bit tired maybe, but certainly mentally we were better prepared (today). We appreciate that the USA is a very, very good side, so for us to equalize, even though their better players aren’t here, is a good morale booster for us.”