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Professionalism of Development Academy Enhances FC Dallas Juniors Program

CHICAGO (Nov. 12, 2008) – In early 2008, FC Dallas named the inaugural rosters for the newly created FC Dallas Juniors program, which consisted of two teams in U.S. Soccer’s Development Academy. Since that announcement and the start of the 2008-09 Development Academy season, FC Dallas has been thriving.

FC Dallas joined the Development Academy for the 2008-09 season, participating in the newly created Texas Division in the Academy’s Central Conference. As part of the Academy program, the teams have seen a marked increase in the quality of their training sessions and opponents. Players have also experienced first-hand the opportunities available with the U.S. Youth National Teams, as well as with FC Dallas.

FC Dallas has embraced youth development at every level, exposing FC Dallas Juniors athletes to a wealth of youth soccer experience, including current FC Dallas Juniors Under-17/18 head coach and the Director of Youth Development for FC Dallas Oscar Pareja, former Olympic Development Program Region III goalkeeper coach Drew Keeshan and former U.S. Under-17 Men’s National Team head coach and current FC Dallas assistant coach John Ellinger, who oversaw the implementation and the growth of the U.S. Under-17 Residency Program. Adding to that experience is FC Dallas head coach Schellas Hyndman, who served as a head coach at the collegiate level for 31 years.

“I think being a part of the Development Academy has helped on a number of levels,” said FC Dallas Juniors U-15/16 head coach and FC Dallas Director of Youth Soccer Chris Hayden. “First of all, I feel like our teams are getting more exposure. We’ve already had one player that was asked into (the U.S. Under-17) Residency (program) who was part of our program this past summer, and another player that’s been asked to the U.S. U-20s to go to Spain.”

Since the 2008-2009 Development Academy season began, FC Dallas Juniors midfielder Alex Molano has been selected to the 2008 U.S. Under-17 Men’s National Team Residency Program roster. Also, Under-17/18 midfielder Josh Hernandez was recently named to an 18-player roster by U.S. Under-20 Men’s National Team head coach Thomas Rongen for a foreign training camp from Nov. 15-23 in Madrid, Spain.

While inclusion in the U.S. National Team player pool is the ultimate goal, FC Dallas Juniors athletes have also experienced the path that leads from the Development Academy to the FC Dallas first team. A Tuesday intra-squad, full-team scrimmage included U-17/18 midfielder Bradlee Baladez, defender London Woodbury and Hernandez.

Pareja became familiar with the Development Academy philosophy as a member of the U.S. Under-17 Residency Program staff when he served as an assistant coach under Wilmer Cabrera. His previous experience working with the U.S. U-17 MNT and the Development Academy allows Pareja to assist in implementing the Academy philosophy within FC Dallas, as well as to reduce the learning curve for players transitioning from FC Dallas Juniors to the U.S. U-17 MNT.

“I know more or less what Wilmer Cabrera and the other coaches like, so we try to implement that system here, as well, so that the day an FC Dallas player is called to that National Team, it will be a lot easier and the path will be much shorter for the coaches in Bradenton (Fla.),” said Pareja, who points out that FC Dallas coaches not only try to implement many of the methods used by the U.S. U-17 coaches, but also try to ensure that the coaching philosophy is the same at every level within FC Dallas, from the full-team down to the Academy teams.

“Communication with the head coach (Schellas Hyndman) and with (assistant coach) John Ellinger has been great. They are really helping the program garner support at every level, from the professional level through the lower divisions.”

Hayden certainly agrees, pointing out that while the competition in the Dallas area has always been good, being a part of the Development Academy and having direct contact with the FC Dallas first team provides players with the motivation to continue training and aspiring to reach the highest level.

“Having the ability to put our kids into the pro team, first team training, or having a pro player be able to come out and work with our players, there’s a lot of transparency there that allows our kids more motivation,” Hayden said. “It’s a much different system than has been in place here locally, ever. I think it will really aid in the development of some of our players and give them what they need at a critical time.

“This is a different type of program and I think the players in Dallas will be a part of the Development Academy programs in the future. I think the very best players will be a part of this, for sure.”

The philosophy adopted by FC Dallas in regards to the Development Academy appears to be paying dividends, particularly at the Under-15/16 level, where the undefeated squad sits at the top of the Texas Division table.

U-15/16 Results:

Saturday, November 8
Richmond Kickers 0, Richmond Strikers 1
Concorde Fire 0, Schulz Academy 0
Virginia Rush 1, Atlanta Fire United 2
AFC Lightning 0, Miami FC Kendall 1
Texas SC 0, FC Dallas 6
Lonestar 2, Dallas Texans 2
Classics Elite 0, Solar 0
Texas Rush AHFC 1, Andromeda 0
Crossfire Premier 1, Washington Premier 1
LA Galaxy 1, Chivas USA 0
De Anza 0, Mustang 0

Sunday, November 9
Concorde Fire 1, Miami FC Kendall 1
AFC Lightning 0, Schulz Academy 3
Bridge FA 1, Atlanta Fire United 0
Texas SC 4, Andromeda 3
Lonestar 0, Solar 0
Texas Rush AHFC 0, FC Dallas 5
Classics Elite 1, Dallas Texans 0

U-17/18 Results:

Saturday, November 8
Richmond Kickers 3, Richmond Strikers 1
Concorde Fire 4, Schulz Academy 0
Virginia Rush 1, Atlanta Fire United 1
AFC Lightning 2, Miami FC Kendall 0
Texas SC 2, FC Dallas 2
Lonestar 1, Dallas Texans 1
Classics Elite 2, Solar 2
Texas Rush AHFC 1, Andromeda 1
Crossfire Premier 1, Washington Premier 0
LA Galaxy 3 , Chivas USA 0
De Anza 4, Mustang 1

Sunday, November 9
Concorde Fire 1, Miami FC Kendall 2
AFC Lightning 3, Schulz Academy 1
Bridge FA 3, Atlanta Fire United 0
Texas SC 0, Andromeda 2
Lonestar 1, Solar 1
Texas Rush AHFC 2, FC Dallas 3
Classics Elite 0, Dallas Texans 2

U-15/16 Upcoming Matches:

Friday, November 14
Kickoff           Match                                                               Venue
6 p.m. PT      Washington Premier vs. Nomads             Washington Premier FC

Saturday, November 15
Kickoff             Match                                                                         Venue
12 p.m. ET      PA Classics vs. FC Westchester                        Classics Soccer Park
1 p.m. ET        FC DELCO vs. Met Oval                                         Classics Soccer Park
2 p.m. ET        PDA vs. Albertson                                                    PDA Facility
11 a.m. ET      Bridge FA vs. Richmond Kickers                         Charleston Southern University
1 p.m. ET         IMG Academy vs. Virginia Rush                           IMG Academy
4 p.m. ET         Clearwater Chargers vs. Richmond Strikers   Glen Oaks Park
6:15 p.m. ET   CASL Chelsea FC Academy vs. U-17 YNT        WRAL Soccer Center
10 a.m. MT      Real Colorado vs. Lonestar                                  Highlands Heritage Park
11 a.m. CT      Chicago Magic AS Monaco vs. Vardar                 Sports Club
11 a.m. CT      Chicago Fire vs. Derby County Wolves               Toyota Park
12 p.m. ET       Empire United vs. CASA                                        Nichols School
1 p.m. MT         Colorado Raids vs. Classics Elite                      Dick’s Sporting Goods Park
2 p.m. CT         FC Dallas vs. Dallas Texans                                Pizza Hut Park
5:30 p.m. CT   Texas SC vs. Ohio Elite                                          Elizabeth Meyer Park
6 p.m. CT         Texas Rush AHFC vs. Columbus Crew             Bear Branch Soccer Complex
11 a.m. PT        FC Portland vs. San Diego Surf                          Lincoln High School
4:30 p.m. PT    Santa Cruz County Breakers vs. LA Galaxy       Cabrillo College
5:30 p.m. PT    Mustang vs. Chivas USA                                       Mustang Soccer Complex

Sunday, November 16
Kickoff                Match                                                                                      Venue
12 p.m. ET        PA Classics vs. Met Oval                                                    Classics Soccer Park
12 p.m. ET        PDA vs. BW Gottschee                                                        Seton Hall University
1 p.m. ET          FC DELCO vs. FC Westchester                                         Classics Soccer Park
9 a.m. ET          Clearwater Chargers vs. Virginia Rush                           Glen Oaks Park
9 a.m. ET           IMG vs. Richmond Strikers                                                 IMG Academy
1 p.m. ET           Bridge FA vs. Concorde Fire                                              Charleston Southern University
10 a.m. MT        Real Colorado vs. Classics Elite                                       Highlands Heritage Park
10:30 a.m. MT  Colorado Rapids vs. Lonestar                                            Dick’s Sporting Goods Park
11 a.m. CT        Texas Rush AHFC vs. Ohio Elite                                        Bear Branch Soccer Complex
11 a.m. CT        Texas SC vs. Columbus Crew                                            Elizabeth Meyer Park
11 a.m. CT        Chicago Magic AS Monaco vs. Derby County                   Wolves Sports Club
11 a.m. CT        Chicago Fire vs. Vardar                                                        Toyota Park
1 p.m. CT          Solar SC vs. Andromeda                                                      Texas Woman’s University
10 a.m. PT        Mustang vs. LA Galaxy                                                           Mustang Soccer Complex
10 a.m. PT         Washington Premier vs. San Diego Surf                          Washington Premier FC
10:30 a.m. PT   FC Portland vs. Nomads                                                      Liberty High School
11 a.m. PT         Santa Cruz County Breakers vs. Chivas USA                  Cabrillo College

U-17/18 Upcoming Matches:

Friday, November 14
Kickoff        Match                                                                                                Venue
8 p.m. PT   Washington Premier vs. Nomads                                             Washington Premier FC

Saturday, November 15
Kickoff             Match                                                                                  Venue
2 p.m. ET        PA Classics vs. FC Westchester                                  Classics Soccer Park
3 p.m. ET        FC DELCO vs. Met Oval                                                  Classics Soccer Park
4 p.m. ET        PDA vs. Albertson                                                             PDA Facility
1 p.m. ET        Bridge FA vs. Richmond Kickers                                   Charleston Southern University
3 p.m. ET        IMG Academy vs. Virginia Rush                                     IMG Academy
6 p.m. ET        Clearwater Chargers vs. Richmond Strikers              Glen Oaks Park
8:15 p.m. ET  CASL Chelsea FC Academy vs. U-17 YNT                  WRAL Soccer Center
12 p.m. MT     Real Colorado vs. Lonestar                                            Highlands Heritage Park
1 p.m. CT       Chicago Magic AS Monaco vs. Vardar                           Sports Club
1 p.m. CT       Chicago Fire vs. Derby County Wolves                         Toyota Park
2 p.m. ET        Empire United vs. CASA                                                   Nichols School
3 p.m. MT        Colorado Raids vs. Classics Elite                                 Dick’s Sporting Goods Park
4 p.m. CT        FC Dallas vs. Dallas Texans                                           Pizza Hut Park
7:30 p.m. CT  Texas SC vs. Ohio Elite                                                     Elizabeth Meyer Park
8 p.m. CT        Texas Rush AHFC vs. Columbus Crew                         Bear Branch Soccer Complex
1 p.m. PT         FC Portland vs. San Diego Surf                                       Lincoln High School
6:30 p.m. PT   Santa Cruz County Breakers vs. LA Galaxy                   Cabrillo College
7:30 p.m. PT   Mustang vs. Chivas USA                                                    Mustang Soccer Complex

Sunday, November 16
Kickoff               Match                                                                                Venue
2 p.m. ET          PA Classics vs. Met Oval                                              Classics Soccer Park
2 p.m. ET          PDA vs. BW Gottschee                                                  Seton Hall University
3 p.m. ET          FC DELCO vs. FC Westchester                                  Classics Soccer Park
11 a.m. ET       Clearwater Chargers vs. Virginia Rush                      Glen Oaks Park
11 a.m. ET       IMG vs. Richmond Strikers                                            IMG Academy
3 p.m. ET          Bridge FA vs. Concorde Fire                                         Charleston Southern University
12: p.m. MT      Real Colorado vs. Classics Elite                                 Highlands Heritage Park
12:30 p.m. MT Colorado Rapids vs. Lonestar                                     Dick’s Sporting Goods Park
1 p.m. CT         Texas Rush AHFC vs. Ohio Elite                                  Bear Branch Soccer Complex
1 p.m. CT          Texas SC vs. Columbus Crew                                    Elizabeth Meyer Park
1 p.m. CT          Chicago Magic AS Monaco vs. Derby County           Wolves Sports Club
1 p.m. CT          Chicago Fire vs. Vardar                                                  Toyota Park
1 p.m. CT           Solar SC vs. Andromeda                                              Texas Woman’s University
12 p.m. PT         Mustang vs. LA Galaxy                                                   Mustang Soccer Complex
12 p.m. PT         Washington Premier vs. San Diego Surf                   Washington Premier FC
12:30 p.m. PT   FC Portland vs. Nomads                                                Liberty High School
1 p.m. PT           Santa Cruz County Breakers vs. Chivas USA            Cabrillo College