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U.S. WNT 100 Cap History

Aly Wagner earned Cap No. 100 vs. Canada on July 30, 2006. See how much you know about the WNT century club.

1. Which U.S. WNT player was the first ever to earn 100 caps?

2. What player is poised to next join the 100-cap club (the player who
ranks No. 19 on the all-time capwinners list)?

3. Who was the youngest player to earn 100 caps with the U.S. WNT?

4. Four defenders from the century club took time off to have children
during their playing careers. Who were they?

5. Wagner was the 18th player to earn her 100th cap. Can you name the
other 17 players with 100 career caps? 1-7 (Boo!), 8-11 (U-20), 12-13
(U-21), 14-16 (Olympian), 17 (World Cup Champion)

National Soccer Hall of Fame Bonus: Including the 2006 inductee, how
many members of the 100 cap club are enshrined in the National Soccer
Hall of Fame?

1: Kristine Lilly on Jan. 16, 1996 (two days before Mia Hamm followed

2: Cat Whitehill

3: Cindy Parlow was 23 years, 56 days old.

4: Carla Overbeck, Joy Fawcett, Christie Rampone, Kate Markgraf

Kristine Lilly (309)
Mia Hamm (275)
Julie Foudy (271)
Joy Fawcett (239)
Tiffeny Milbrett (204)
Brandi Chastain (192)
Shannon MacMillan (176)
Carla Overbeck (168)
Cindy Parlow (158)
Briana Scurry (155)
Michelle Akers (153)
Kate Markgraf (146)
Christie Rampone (146)
Tisha Venturini (132)
Lorrie Fair (120)
Carin Gabarra (117)
Tiffany Roberts (110)

Bonus: 3 - Michelle Akers, Carin Gabarra (nee Jennings), Carla