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w/ Julie Foudy

What’s it going to be? Door number one, door number two, or door number THREE?!? Okay, so this section has less to do with “Let’s Make A Deal” and more to do with the Multiple Choice section of an SAT test. “In 3’s” peeks inside the head of a select National Team player as they pick one of three choices for 20-some questions about personal tastes and pop culture.

Most of you know the basics about Julie Foudy: captain and head jokester of the U.S. Women’s National Team, member of the 200-cap club, and politically aware former President of the Women’s Sports Foundation. But what else makes Jules tick? Read on and find out.

Favorite big city in the U.S.: Chicago, LA or NYC?
"NYC, baby.  It's satisfies all my addictions in one place.  Great restaurants, electric atmosphere, a place to run in a beautiful park, the theatre and world class shopping."

Favorite placed you've lived: Palo Alto, San Diego or Manhattan Beach?
"Tough one, but Manhattan Beach.  Although I love San Diego, the actual beach of Manhattan sets it apart.  It's big, white and sandy with a ton of volleyball nets already up and great surf, so it is really swim-friendly.  It's also got a cute little downtown.  It has a community feel, and I lived 100 yards from the beach.  And I had great neighbors.  How do you beat that?"

Messiest roommate at the Manhattan Beach pad: Brandi, Lill or Mia?
"Myself.  I like my piles; piles of clothes, mail, notes, catalogs… However Mia did leave an unopened jar of pickles on the kitchen counter for two months.  We didn't touch them for two months to see if she would put them in the cabinet.  She finally figured out what we were laughing about and put them away."

Best place for shopping: Santa Monica, Beverly Hills or Fashion Valley Mall (in San Diego)?
"Beverly Hills is way to pricey and posh for me.  I don't do well in the boutiques.  They give me the 'Pretty Woman Treatment.'  Santa Monica I like, but you just cannot beat Fashion Valley.  It's one of the best malls in the country."

Favorite way to enjoy the beach: lay out and read a book, go for a walk/bike ride or try to surf:
"Probably try to surf, except I am awful.  I am not big on laying out.  I like to toss the football around in the water.  I have this great little Nerf ball that got a lot of use in Manhattan Beach.  I like to play volleyball, but I was usually too tired.  We actually did love the bikes.  We had beach cruisers that we took out all the time."

Favorite kind of car: sports car, SUV or soccer mom minivan?
"I'm going to go with the 1970 VW Beetle. That could have been the best car of all time.  I had a red one in high school that I called Herbie.  My parents had to push-start me every morning at 6:30 a.m. in their robes because I had a 7 a.m. class."

Presidential candidate that will get your vote in November: Bush, Kerry or Nader?
"I would never vote for Nader because he is now taking money from Republicans and getting Republican signatures to get him on the ballot.  So I am going with the Johns, Kerry and Edwards."
[Obvious Editor’s Note/Interjection: The opinions expressed here by Julie Foudy are in no way representative of the “Center Circle” editorial staff or the U.S. Soccer Federation.]

Number of kids you'd like to have if/when you settle down: 1, 2 or a bunch?
"Two is a bunch, isn't it?  I am hoping that when I finally have kids they have some technology where you can just sneeze and the kid pops out.  My real answer would be two."

Most likely occupation after soccer: broadcaster, politician or Dunkin Donuts franchisee?
"I think I want to perform on Broadway in musicals.  The only problem is I can't sing and I can't dance, but that would be my dream job."

Favorite section of USA Today: News (Front section), Sports or Life?
"Every paper I read the front section and Op-Ed because that has all the juice on the latest news in politics.  I am trying to get our younger players to do the same.  My husband grabs the sports, I grab the front and then we swap.  It makes for a good marriage."

TV & Movies:
Favorite late night talk show host: Letterman, Conan or Jon Stewart?
"Jon Stewart. He's hilarious.  I have never been on the show, but he is one funny dude."

Funniest movie starring Ben Stiller: "There's Something About Mary," "Meet the Parents" or "Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story"?
"None of the above.  It's ‘Zoolander.’  I haven't even seen the whole thing, and I thought it was hilarious."

Funniest movie starting Will Ferrell: "Anchorman," "Old School" or "Elf"?
"That's too hard!  I haven't seen ‘Elf,’ but I think ‘Anchorman’ was funnier than ‘Old School,’ but I have my husband and a lot of my teammates that will disagree with me.  That's a close one."

Best description of moviemaker Michael Moore: "Unamerican," talented documentarian or well-informed smart-ass?
"He's definitely a well-informed smart ass, but with a ton of talent, too."

Soccer and Sports:
Favorite San Diego sports team (besides the Spirit): Chargers, Padres or Sockers?
"I gotta say the Chargers for my man Doug Flutie, but I love the Padres’ new stadium, especially since it’s a short walk from my place."

Favorite Olympic sport (besides soccer): Gymnastics, Swimming or Track & Field?
"Beach volleyball, except it's really hard to find on TV in Greece unless you want to watch the Greek teams.  Although I wouldn’t mind trying my hand at white-water kayaking after I retire from soccer."

Favorite Stanford alum-turned Olympic gold medal swimmer: Janet Evans, Jenny Thompson or Summer Sanders?
"I love Summer, she's my girl."

Favorite non-American food: Mexican, Italian or Asian?
"Indian, especially vegetable somosas for starters, moving to a medium spicy chicken tiki marsala, sometimes chicken khorma and lots of lots of nan bread."

Favorite pasta sauce: marinara, pesto or alfredo?
"I like the pink sauce, so if I don't have that, I mix the marinara and cream.  The alfredo is too rich and the marinara is to tomato-y.  I really like it when my mom throws in big chunks of spicy sausage."

Best California burger-and-fry fast food: Carl's Jr., In-and-Out or Jack in the Box?
"In-and-Out.  I get ‘the Animal.’  It has everything on it.  We had one right off the turn-off on the freeway in Manhattan Beach.  After a hard day of training, we'd stop and chow down."

Worst vice: coffee, desserts or fast food?
"Desserts, desserts, desserts.  I try and do the fruit thing after meals to avoid dessert.  It doesn't work.”

Favorite dessert (besides donuts or donut holes): cake, pie or ice cream?
"Brownies and cookies with ice cream on top.  No nuts please. Chocolate sauce and caramel welcome."