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World Cup Ironmen

So we neglected the old school from 1930, 1934 and 1950 ... but they were ALL ironmen because everyone played all 90 minutes, and only two players - Ed Souza and Frank Wallace in 1950 - split time with Souza starting two games and Wallace one. So without any Adu, check out Jack Marshall's World Cup Ironmen (with a modern-era U.S. slant).

1. Two field players played every minute for the U.S. at the 2002 FIFA World Cup in Germany. Who were these U.S. MNT Ironmen?

2. This player became the first MNT player in U.S. Soccer history to be able to say he played in three FIFA World Cups when he started for the U.S. at France 1998 vs. Germany on June 15, 1998.

3. Who is the only player at the 2006 FIFA World Cup to be on a roster at the 1990 FIFA World Cup?

4. Not including the 1934 FIFA World Cup (which was only a one-game appearance for the U.S. - doesn't make '98 sound so bad? ... er, maybe not), only one U.S. player has played every minute of consecutive World Cups. In addition to this player, only three other players have played at least 270 minutes at consecutive World Cups. Interestingly, all four of these players all list their home state as New Jersey. Who are these four U.S. Soccer Ironmen?

National Soccer Hall of Fame Bonus Question: Four field players played every minute of all four games at the 1994 World Cup. Two are in the National Soccer Hall of Fame, and the other two finished in the top three in voting in 2006 (one was inducted, the other was not). Who were these U.S. MNT Ironmen?

1. Tony Sanneh, John O'Brien
2. Eric Wynalda (editor's note: Tab Ramos appeared as a sub in the Germany game for his appearance in a third Cup, while Balboa came on as a sub in the loss to Yugoslavia to appear in his third World Cup.
3. Kasey Keller
4. Tony Meola (Played every minute of 1990 and 1994 World Cups), John Harkes, Tab Ramos, Claudio Reyna Bonus. Thomas Dooley, Alexi Lalas, Marcelo Balboa, Paul Caligiuri