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U.S. MNT Goalkeeper Tim Howard Answers Questions from Fans on Twitter asked its fans on Twitter for questions to put to Tim Howard after training on Tuesday at The Home Depot Center in Carson, Calif. We received an impressive response and got questions of all types. Here are a few of your best for the U.S. MNT #1.

footyskillz : What does your pre-game warm up consist of?
Tim Howard: “A lot of things. I usually get my shin guards and tape done, and I'll warm up by doing some different dynamic stretching exercises - high knees and some other things. I'll try to break a sweat before I go out on the field. Out there I'll do a bit more running and jogging, a couple of short sprints and some other things to the side of the goal. Then I do my goalkeeper handling: volleys, low balls, left, right, up and down, shots from distance, and crosses. I do some kicking and then finish.”

KevinGiordano: Any desire or consideration to come back to finish your career in the #MLS?
TH: “Oh, one hundred percent. If all things were to work themselves out I would really, really like to come back and play a few years in MLS. A lot of things have to come together, and I want to be playing at a very high level when I come back. I don't want to be dragging through seasons. I want to feel fit and ready. I want to have that desire, intensity and passion that you see with Everton and the U.S. National Team when I come play in MLS. Those things are important.”

kLFCreds: You seem to reach levels of intensity on the pitch that people only dream of. How do you go about obtaining such intensity?
TH: “I'm passionate about winning. I don't always win.  Nobody does. But I'm passionate about winning, doing things right and holding myself and the guys around me to a high standard. I played with older, senior players, and when they were demanding it brought the best of me. As I've gotten older I've used that tool and it seems to work.”

thecurseofchris: What GK has he looked up to as a role model?
TH: “It's hard to say now because I'm older, but I currently like to watch Iker Casillas. I'm the same age as him and I've seen his progression over the years. I've always liked to watch him and see how he performs. For quite a long time, since I've been in England, I've liked to watch Petr Cech. I like watching those guys and I love the art of goalkeeping. I enjoy watching them perform and seeing how well they do. You always look for reasons why they are so successful.”

Jack_The_Mc: Why do so many US keepers go for the bald look? #AskTimmy #usmnt
TH: “That's a good question. I don't know and it's tough to say. I like to keep it clean and easy. That works for me.”

coreybwhite: How often do you wish you could come up to take a PK, free kick, or try to score on a corner? Ya know, be a field player for a few
TH: “Scoring from a corner would be fun. The other ones though, there's too much pressure (laughs).”

JimCobb25: If you could train with any goalie, who would it be and why?
TH: Probably Gigi Buffon, just because I've always admired him for being one of the best in the world and I'd like to pick his brain about goalkeeping and see what his likes and dislikes are. You always try to learn and pick up different things.”

fluentstatic: For TH: How long does he use one pair of gloves? Does he break them in before using them in a game? For how long? Thanks!!
TH: “I have to wear gloves for two days and two training sessions before I wear them in a game. I think that gives them enough time to be broken in. I usually wear them for four games, give or take. If I'm on a really good streak I'll wear them for longer. Sometimes they get beat up and the palm starts to chip away so maybe a little bit less, but roughly four games. For training I'll probably wear a pair of gloves for two weeks or so.”

LauraLu_84: what are your thoughts on Hope Solo on [Dancing with the Stars]. Would u give it a shot?
TH: “I'm terribly envious and absolutely, yes I would do it. I think it would be a ton of fun.”