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No matter what you say, the MNT Blog rules! It’s got everything you want: daily updates on the team, players abroad with their clubs, observations, funny quotes and stories about the MNT as they continue World Cup Qualifying.

Attention Referees! Do you want to get the latest news and notes from U.S. referees on the ground at the "Official Take", the official (no pun intended) blog for U.S. Soccer Referees. Stop by and tell us what you think!!

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Last Updated: Mar. 11, 2009 Last Updated: Mar. 17, 2009

After a second-place finish at the Algarve Cup, the U.S. Women return to the U.S. for the inaugural season of the WPS. Don't worry, though, the team will be back together in May to face Japan!

The U-20 Men qualified for the 2009 FIFA U-20 World Cup and will head to Egypt in the fall of 2009. Meanwhile, the U-17 Men are preparing for their qualifying which begins in mid-April 2009.