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USA vs. Brazil - Pre-Game Quote Sheet

U.S. head coach Greg Ryan
On the Brazil team:
“In Brazil, you are looking at a very creative team that plays off the individual qualities of their star level players, and can keep the ball and knock it around. They way they defend is different. It’s going to change the way we attack. They play with a sweeper and two man markers, and how does a 4-3-3 and a 3-5-2 match up? It doesn’t. It’s going to be a very strange mix and it will be fun to see.”

On if he expects his game to be as physical as the match up in June:
“I expect this game to be very physical. Our players will be prepared for it.”

On Brazil’s defending:
“They are very good individual defenders and tough to beat. They’ve only conceded two goals in this tournament and the only one in the flow of play was off the back pass that was intercepted. They are a good defending team and we are going to have to find some ways to get behind them.”

On matching up with Brazil’s best attacking players:
“We have some of the fastest, most talented defenders in the world. Marta and Cristiane are two of the fastest, most talented strikers in the world. Again, you don’t just stop players like that with speed. You have to have good defensive organization. It takes a whole team.”

On making a change in goalkeepers:
“We’ve talked all along that Hope is our starter, but Bri would be ready if called upon. She knew that there were certain types of games that I felt like Bri would be the keeper for. Bri has beaten Brazil the last two times we have played them, and I think she has tremendous confidence stepping on the field against Brazil, and it’s pretty tough to get a goal off her.”

On Scurry being ready to step in:
“Bri has no problems. She’s a pro. She’s got great experience and she has been very, very sharp. If you watch her in training and see the way she plays, she’s on top of her game. I give Bri tremendous credit for that and Phil Wheddon our goalkeeper coach tremendous credit for that. Each goalkeeper has to be at the top of their game and ready when called upon. If you get an injury anywhere, you need to make a tactical change for some reason, they’ve got to be ready. She’ll be ready.”

On the team’s attack getting in rhythm:
“I think we played well against England. We had a lot of chances and a lot of corner kicks, and we attacked better than we had. Again, each of these games is going to be very different. Each opponent is so different.”

U.S. defender Kate Markgraf
On Brazil:
“We’re impressed with Brazil’s technical ability, their speed, their quickness, and how tough they are defensively. I think they put great initial pressure on the ball and are very athletic. We always respect how good Brazil are and we are looking forward to this match up.”

On Briana Scurry starting her first WWC game:
“I don’t think it’s difficult at all to adapt to a new player at any position. Our team is so deep. We have 21 players who can step on the field at any moment and the transition would be seamless. Whether it’s Hope, or Bri, or Nicole Barnhart our third goalkeeper, we are all so confident with them. There isn’t a tough transition.”

On Scurry and Solo:
“I think Bri has a very quick reaction time, and she is great communicating in the back, the same with Hope. I think Bri’s quickness is her biggest strength, but Hope is extremely quick as well and her kicking game is really impressive. At this level the difference between players is so small, it’s just a matter of what strengths you need at a given time.”

U.S. goalkeeper Briana Scurry:
On her strengths that match up well vs. Brazil:
“I am particularly good at shot stopping, and my reflexes are very quick. Brazil is a very quick passing team. They shoot from outside a lot, and they are very skillful. They are going to be excited tomorrow and come out to play. We have to match them, and he just thought I was the best one for the job.”

On Marta:
“Marta is a brilliant player, and she’s only gotten better since the last time I saw her in ’04. She is a very exciting player, very skilled. She’s having a great time, you can tell on her face. She’s going to come out to play tomorrow and to prove something so I have to be ready for her every minute.”

U.S. midfielder Lori Chalupny
On Brazil’s top skill players, Marta and Cristiane:
“I’ve seen a couple of clips of their games during the Women’s World Cup and they are both just amazingly skillful. We’ll have to be on top of our game defensively to take care of them.”

On how to defend Brazil:
“I think just an added focus on individual defending and keeping your feet moving and things like that. Our team defending is going to have to be really good because they might beat the first player but having a covering player is going to be a key to this game.”

U.S. forward Heather O’Reilly
On the Brazil team:
“They are really sound all over the field. When you think of Brazil you think of attacking soccer, but that’s not to take anything away from their defense.”

On Brazil’s physical style of play:
“Their style of play is a physical game. They are not going to let us hold onto the ball for very long, we’ll get it stripped or get our legs taken out from under us. We need to keep the ball moving and really bring our technical game or else we’re going to pay for it.”