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2004 Registration Materials

CHICAGO (Wednesday, July 9, 2003) - Please see this memo regarding 2004 Registration Materials. At the end of the document you will see the 2004 Instructions as part of the document. The original instructions that were mailed with your material did not include a fee schedule, as we realize that some State Referee Committees add administrative fees to the registration fee.

The following are also available in .pdf format for your convenience:

  • 2004 Registration Form (.pdf) - new
  • 2004 Registration Instructions (with fee schedule) (.pdf)
  • 2004 Referee/Assignor Transmittals - to be used when turning in new forms (.pdf)
  • 2004 Assessor/Instructor Transmittals - to be used when turning in new forms (.pdf)

Please feel free to post any of these documents on your State Referee Committee web site as well.

Do not hesitate to contact Adrian Garibay, Manager - Referee Registration,  if you need further assistance.