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U-20 WNT Postcard from Russia: Carrie Dew

Every so often when a U.S. Women’s National Team plays out of the country, a player will write an e-postcard, filling in the fans back home on the happenings of the team, off-field activities, and anything else on their mind. Today, 19-year-old defender Carrie Dew, a native of North County San Diego, checks in from Moscow, Russia, where the USA is preparing for the 2006 FIFA Under-20 Women’s World Championship. Dew, a sophomore at the University of Notre Dame, touches on the team’s trip to Red Square, her fashionable and practical purchase and how you might not want to sit next to her during the USA’s first match.

Hello from crazy Moscow! It’s so different here than San Diego or South Bend, Indiana, but I guess everywhere is different from South Bend. We are in the middle of the city, and there are lots of traffic and people everywhere, but our hotel is amazing. We have our own fountain in the lobby and the food has been delicious so far, especially the ice cream. I am partial to chocolate, but the strawberry, vanilla and some sort of coffee-tasting one were all good, too.

A few of the other teams are staying in our hotel. We have tried to talk to them a little bit, but most of the time it doesn’t go that well. I think mostly because the players from the other countries don’t speak much English. We were in an elevator with the Congo coaches and they definitely said, “The USA is very, very big.” I do admit that I was taller than the coaches.

I think a few of our players have talked to the Mexican and German players. We definitely win the “most friendly team” award as the other teams certainly have not gone out of their way to chat us up.

After training on Monday, we went to the famous Red Square where we saw St. Basil’s Cathedral, also known on the U.S. team as “Cupcake Castle.” If you’ve been here or seen a picture, you know what I am talking about. I think there might be a few pics in the photo gallery, so check that out. We tried to go into the Cathedral, but a Mass was about to start so we opted out for the time being. While we were in line to get tickets (and before we found out about the Mass) we met a Notre Dame grad who had read about Brittany Bock and me on the Notre Dame website. Am I famous? Well, have you ever been recognized by a total stranger in Red Square? We’ll leave it at that.

After wandering around Red Square for a while, we went into a huge mall that really didn’t look like a mall from the outside, or the inside really, but it was very pretty and even more importantly, air-conditioned. Most of the stores were a bit too high-class and expensive for this college student so we went out to the street stands in front of Red Square and bought ridiculous Russian fur hats. But if you see me wearing it at Notre Dame in January, you will be super jealous as my head will definitely be warm.

It is important to rest before such a big tournament, so with our morning off on Tuesday, my roommate Joanna Haig and I had an Arts and Crafts Hour. Amy Rodriguez got Jo a Paint-By-Numbers thing, so Jo painted a unicorn and I painted a wave on these little pieces of canvas. I must say that we are quite talented. If you took out the numbers, it might be different, but for now we are thinking about asking the Moscow Museum of Art if they would like to display our works…on loan of course.

Everyone is really looking forward to our first game against DR Congo. We don’t know much about them, but we’ve seen them around the hotel and they seem like some serious girls that will be ready to play. Unfortunately, I won’t. I got a red card in the final qualifying match and I’ll have to watch this one from the bench on suspension. That is going to be really tough. I think I will need to get a seatbelt. Does FIFA allow seatbelts on the bench? Anyway, maybe sitting out will give me even extra motivation for our second group game. I know I will be trying to help my team the best I can after missing the Congo match.

I guess that’s it for now. It is warm in Moscow, but not too hot, and we are hoping it stays this way for the games!

Goodbye from Russia,