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Queries and Anecdotes w/ Marvell Wynne

BRADENTON, Fla. (March 3, 2008) – After becoming first pick in the 2006 Major League Soccer SuperDraft, Marvell Wynne has since found himself a home in Toronto, debuted with the Men’s National Team and is now a part of the Under-23 Men’s National Team looking to qualify for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. While trying to make his impact on Peter Nowak’s squad, Marvell took some time between training sessions to talk to about life in Bradenton, quality time at the beach and of course, the U-23 MNT. You’ve spent a lot of time in Bradenton this year. How do you like it?
Marvell Wynne: “Bradenton is good for us. It has great weather, which is a huge positive. It’s also a place where we’re not going to venture out and get distracted, so that’s good for us, too. I’ve been here for about five or six weeks so far out of this year with this team and Toronto FC, so Bradenton is like my third home. This year I’ve spent three days at my “first home” – I miss my cats. My second home is Toronto, and I’ve been there for a total of about eight days this year. My fourth home is probably an airplane, as I’ve spent a couple of days on planes this year, too.” What’s the biggest difference between living in Canada and living in the United States?
MW: “Well, being from San Diego, many of the products we get there are bilingual in English and Spanish. In Toronto, product labels are written in English and French. Every day life isn’t so different, but they spell things differently up there. ‘Color’ is ‘colour’ and ‘check’ is ‘cheque.’ Instead of ‘ATM’s they are ‘ABM’s (automatic banking machines). There are subtle differences, and Canadians really do use the phrase ‘eh’ a lot, at least in Toronto.” Have you started watching hockey?
MW: “I don’t, but I need to! If I knew anything about the Maple Leafs (NHL), then I think I would make 3,000 friends immediately. All you have to do is say, ‘Hey! How ‘bout those Leafs?’ and your friendship has begun. I really need to get in the swing of things up there. My dad actually took me to a few hockey games when I was younger, and it’s a really interesting game. I just for some reason have a hard time following it.” Let’s switch back to soccer. How has training camp been so far for you?
MW: “Well, it’s early on and we’re starting off light. All the guys are getting used to each other and getting into the swing of things again. We have a good bunch of guys together here and I have a really positive feeling about this group. It’s only been a few days, but it has been great so far.” What is this team’s biggest strength?
MW: “I’d say the team’s biggest strength is the morale, which is awesome. We all like being around each other, we all have fun and can make each other laugh whenever we’re together. When we’re on the field we’re going to be connected and be on the same page. Coach Nowak has kept us very informed about what he’s looking for, so we’re all doing whatever we can to take that to heart.” What do you think sets this team apart from other teams that you’ve been a part of?
MW: “I think it’s our drive. When we’re on the field, even in a 7 v. 7 game or a five-a-side game, guys want to be the best. The passion that the players have to try to perform almost to perfection is so high. We just want it so much more than any other team, and you can see that desire every day at training.” We’ve noticed that don’t you like when the team has pool sessions – why not?
MW: “I’m really, really not a water person. Yes, I’m from San Diego, but I’m not a beach person because I don’t like to go into the water and it’s not like I’m going to get a tan or anything. I don’t like surfing or anything – I don’t know why, but I’m just not an aquatic person. I do know how to swim, but as far as I’m concerned, swimming is only meant for do-or-die situations. I’d just rather not. I would go to the beach with my friends in San Diego and I went with the flow, but they went surfing. Sometimes I actually had the video camera out and would be in charge of taping them surf, but other than that I was just the guy telling them how sweet that wave was. I also searched for sand crabs. They’re awesome.” Are you a good surfing videographer?
MW: “I was actually pretty good. I got the zoom down pat and the focus, so I would go in on the wave and then pan out. I was getting better and better, but then I traded it all in to go to college and now start a different career.” We know you love music. What’s on your mp3 player?
MW: “Absolutely everything. I can’t even begin to narrow down the artists. You could name any artist and I probably have it. My top albums right now are: The Dream, Kanye West’s ‘Graduation’, Tech N9ne, Jack Johnson, Pennywise, Bob Marley, Tupac. I really can’t name everything. I have over 10,000 songs.”