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Post-Match Quote Sheet: U.S. U-17 WNT 1, France 1

U.S. U-17 WNT Quote Sheet

U.S. head coach Kazbek Tambi
On the match:
“We knew going in that we needed a tie to go forward (in the tournament) so we told our kids that our first priority was to make sure to keep our nets clean, but at the same time we told them that we can’t sit back and we’ve got to go after them and try to win the game, attack, and create chances. I thought we did pretty good job on that end, and scored the goal which helped, and we missed a couple of others which would have put the icing on the cake. Unfortunately, we took one at the end which made the last couple of minutes a bit nerve-wracking.”

On the excellent start to the second half:
“We told them we wanted to keep the ball a little bit better. I felt in the first half that we still created some chances, but we could create more chances by possessing better, wearing the other team down and then going for goal. I felt we did that better and that’s probably why we had a little stronger second half.”

On the tournament overall, the first world championship for U-17 women:
“”We’re learning on the job as each game comes. This is a brand new tournament and this whole event is a phenomenal experience for all of us.”

On rebounding from an opening game loss to make the quarterfinals:
“We have a great cast of characters who came here with tremendous ambition to play some great soccer and get results. The first game against Japan was a set-back and we give Japan full credit for having a great game, but we did sit down and talk to the team about the fact that pulling two results would still get us through so to get their heads up and get refocused. They did that, and it’s shown and they did just enough to pull it off. I think that’s tremendous. For 17-year-olds to be in this world forum and to have the composure, guts and character to stay together and not be rattled after taking a first loss is awesome.”

U.S. goalkeeper Taylor Vancil
On the match:
“It’s our best game by far and we’re hoping to improve every game. Our defense was solid today. They were great and we’re just happy we could pull it out.”

On defending France’s last few scoring chances:
“We do it every day in practice. It’s just a normal thing. It got a little nervous towards the end, but at the end of the day it’s the same job you do in training every day.”

U.S. forward Vicki DiMartino:
On if her goal was one of her best ever:
“I kind of don’t remember the goals that I score, but that was a good goal. I looked up and saw the goalkeeper out and it was on my right foot so I just plopped it right over her. I was going for a chip because it’s my weak foot and I don’t really have as much power as in my left.”

On the feeling of the team after the game:
“We were excited. It was a great feeling knowing that our hard work pulled us through.”

U.S. midfielder Kristie Mewis
On the match:
“It was a really good game. France is a great team and they probably played their best game against us. It was really even at the end. Each team had their little spurts. They had a good 15 minutes, then we did, but we were able to get the result we needed.”

On the game plan for the match:
“Kaz told us that they play defensively, with four in the back and a lot of players in the midfield, and they only play with one forward, but their outside mids attack really well. He told us to keep the ball and own the field, play with our flanks and switch the ball because they tend to push to one side defensively and as long as we switched the ball we would get some openings and we did.”

On the level of play in the tournament:
“These teams are on a whole other level. It’s a great competition. You always have to find that little way to score and make that one last run. There is nowhere to hide in any of these games.”

On looking forward:
“I don’t think we’ve played our best yet. We usually pass the ball around more and keep the ball better, but we’re hoping our next game is our best game.”