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w/ WNT defender Kate Sobrero

Off-the-wall Questions and Answers, Queries and Anecdotes from Boston Breakers and U.S. WNT defender Kate Sobrero.

Sobrero, a native of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., already has a World Cup title an Olympic medal in just four years with Team USA. Over this time, the Notre Dame alum has solidified herself as the backbone of the defense, where she will undoubtedly flourish for years and years to come:

Center Circle: Your name wasn't one of the five to take penalty kicks at the WWC final. But let's pretend that you had been put in Brandi's spot as the #5 and deciding kicker. What would Kate Sobrero have done in that situation?
Kate Sobrero: "I probably would have tried to tune out the 90,000-plus people watching and tried to focus on how easy it looks to put the ball in the corner, even though I can't seem to ever do it practice.  I would have tried to not get too freaked out about the situation, about letting my country and my team down.  I was the 10th kicker, so things would've gotten pretty crazy for me to take one.  I haven't taken one in a game since 10th grade."

CC: Three-part personal question:
1) Still have the tongue piercing?
2) Or was that just a temporary thing during ‘99?
3) Any tattoos that we should know about?
KS: "There are no tattoos and the tongue piercing was definitely temporary.  It was fun while it lasted, though.  I don't think I would have a father anymore if I got a tattoo."

CC: Rumor has it that you grew up in a suburb of Detroit nearby that of one Kid Rock? Is this somewhat true or completely false?
KS: "That's true, but I didn't know Kid Rock, Eminem or Alexi Lalas or any other famous person from the Detroit suburbs.  I didn't really have a social life in high school.  I didn't get out much."

CC: You worked as an intern for MTV a couple summers ago, did anyone there know that you won a World Cup championship or played in an Olympics?
KS: "No, but when my boss told people that I was an athlete, I had to start carrying all the heavy boxes of tapes."

CC: Carson Daly or Fred Durst? Or in other words, untalented pretty boy or untalented bad boy?

KS: "I'm going to have to go with Fred Durst, because he could get my three brothers into the Playboy Mansion.  That's a tough one, though, because Carson could get me into some pretty cool places, too."

CC: Assuming you've been an MTV viewer over the past decade, "Real World" or "Road Rules"?
KS: "I would have to say ‘Road Rules' because those kids get to do all those adventurous, fun and exciting things and they go to beautiful places. On ‘Real World', those people sit on their butts for four months and fight the whole time."

CC: What's been your biggest "brush with greatness"?
KS: "After we were done competing in the Olympics, a bunch of soccer players went out with a lot of other U.S. athletes from other sports. Most of them weren't hugely famous or anything, but they were the best in their chosen sports and that was a unique experience.  Other than that, it's got to be playing next to Brandi Chastain."

CC: What was the last concert you went to?
KS: "I saw Sirsy at a small club in Killington, Vermont.  They are great alternative band and I hope they get a record deal.  The lead singer is really talented and has an amazing voice."

CC: What is your biggest guilty pleasure when it comes to food?
KS: "My dad's Foccacia bread and Molinari salami.  I have to go back to my Italian roots."

CC: When Kate finally settles down with the husband and kids, is it going to be in the big city or in the 'burbs?
KS: "Well, if it's just me and the husband, I can see living in the city.  But when there is a bun in the oven, we will probably move to the suburbs somewhere.  The baby and I have to have a lawn to run around on."

CC: What was your favorite thing to do in South Bend, besides play soccer or go to football games? Or is there anything to do in South Bend besides go to football games?
KS: "Well, it would have to be going to the dining hall with my friends and sitting there for hours people watching.  I guess that's how I got my freshman 20."

CC: You were allocated to the Boston Breakers during the process of splitting up the 20 players on the 1999 Women's World Cup team. How do you like Boston?
KS: "I love Boston.  It has always been one of my favorite cities.  Now I am getting a chance to explore the city and I love it even more. Being from Michigan, I don't mind the cold and I enjoy having all the seasons."

CC: How long do you see yourself playing for the WNT?
KS: "That's not really up to me, but I will play as long as I can, and as long as I still love it.  Hopefully, I will keep playing for a long time."

CC: You've accomplished a lot in your sport over the last 6-7 years, but what has been the biggest thrill of your young soccer career?
KS: "Just being able to play for my country and with players that I idolized for years."

Table of Contents
1) Armchair Midfielder (U.S. Soccer's Chevy 2001 Athletes of the Year)
2) Word Association (w/ MNT forward Ante Razov)
3) D.J. for a Day (w/ U-17 MNT forward Corey Ashe)
4) Queries and Anecdotes (w/ WNT defender Kate Sobrero)
5) Big Woman on Campus (w/ U-21 WNT forward Christie Welsh)
6) Superstar!!! (w/ MNT midfielder Earnie Stewart)
7) Mark That Calendar (WNT vs. Mexico - Jan. 12)
8) From the Bleachers (w/ frequent-flying U.S. Soccer fan Andy Mead)
9) "You Don't Know Jack (Marshall)" (Gold Cup trivia)

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