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Quote Sheet: U.S. WNT Ties 0-0 vs. France at Four Nations Tournamen

On the match:
“First I want to congratulate the French team. They played a very, very good game. It was a strong performance by them. I have scouted the French team for three years and they have made tremendous progress in their development. All of their players showed great commitment and our players also played with tremendous heart. Both teams played a hard, physical game and there was very little space on the field. In our game against Norway, there was much more space for both teams. In this game, it was very tight because both teams kept a lot of players by the ball. It was very tough to get behind either defense.”

On both teams’ defenses:
“Both defenses and goalkeepers had outstanding matches. It’s very difficult to play against such tight numbers and tight space, but I am very happy with our team and it’s part of our development to learn how to play in this environment and learn how to break down teams even when it’s very difficult like it was with France today.”

On what the team could have done better in the second half:
“The thing that we could have done more, and we talked about it at halftime, was that France was playing quite high with a very crowded midfield, and we needed to clip a few more balls just in behind the defense. When we did that, we were very successful. As we were gaining momentum in the second half, we went away from that, and started playing everything underneath again and created some very good counters for France. We needed to give ourselves more opportunities because they were playing well, and the only way to do that was to get a few more balls in behind them.”

On the next match with China:
“It’s going to be a very good match, a very challenging match for our team. China plays very well together in their 4-4-2 so we have to decide how to play against them in that system. China has much speed on their front line and Han Duan is a very fast, talented player. I think it will be a great game and I’m very much looking forward to it.”

On the match:
“It was an excellent game with a high level for both teams. There was good quality, particularly with the United States team. Their speed of play and passing was very good. I am very happy with my team and this is an excellent game to learn and progress.”

On the match:
“On the bench in the first half, it gave me a good look at the game and what it would take to solve them. When I came in, I tried to send a few more balls over the top of their defense because they were so pushed up. They did a good job of pressuring us in the midfield. As soon as we beat one player in midfield, they did a great job of recovering and doubling back. We thought they might fade as the game went on, but they never did.”

On the match:
“We had great focus to stay organized as a team. Our team defense keeps getting better as well as the quick transition from offense to defense. We are finding a comfort zone with the space behind the defense and in front of me, where I either can come out to win the through balls or the defense drops to run down the long balls.”