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Hope Solo Pop Culture Quiz

U.S. goalkeeper Hope Solo is a new millennium kind of girl. She’s fun, free-thinking, feisty and fashionable and not to mention one of the best goalkeepers in the world. So we thought she’d be the perfect fit for our first U.S. WNT Pop Culture Quiz. Did you know that Hope loves baby tomatoes, is scared of polar bears and is pretty handy with a virtual sword? See below.

What song has been running through your head recently?
M.F.E.O. by Jacks Mannequin.”

What is your favorite piercing?
“I almost said my chin, but I take that back. I got my nose pierced with my mom in Stockholm, and it was a memorable moment.”

Is there any event at which you would wear gloves off the field?
“I wear cute red and black mittens with skulls on the back almost every day in Seattle and probably will in St. Louis as well because it’s so cold.”

Which film wins your Academy Award for Best Picture?
“I really liked The Visitor, but I didn’t like the ending because it left too many questions. I really liked Slumdog Millionaire, but it had so much hype that my expectations were that it should be the movie of the century! I know it was sad, but I also liked Seven Pounds with Will Smith.”

Name an artist whose video you would like to appear in?
“Jack Johnson, just so I can meet him. But his videos are so chill I’m not sure what I would do. Maybe sit on the beach and stare into the distance?”

Best pizza topping?
“Fresh baby tomatoes. They’re the best.”

Funniest comedian working today?
“I honestly would have to say Katt Williams, but Steve Byrne is the man. He’s just so original.”

iPhone or Blackberry?
“Blackberry for sure. It’s my lifeline.”

Semi-famous person you’d like to meet?
“Dan Millman, author of Way of the Peaceful Warrior. He also wrote Inner Athlete, which is an amazing book for any athlete to read.”

Current favorite video game?
Prince of Persia. It’s sort of a fighting game and a thinking game. It has awesome graphics, but it’s hard to play. Need for Speed is my non-thinking game.”

What is your standard coffee house order?
“If I have the luxury of going to Coffee Bean, it would be their hazelnut lattes. But most of the time, being that I am from Seattle, I am surrounded by Starbucks and their Chai teas are to die for.”

Which bear is best?
“Well, there’s two schools of thought on that…but I’d say a black bear because you’d find them in the northwest. Polar bears scare me. They are huge and eat people. Black bears get scared away.”

You’ve been bleached blond, you’ve been a dirty blond, you’ve had orange braids, you’ve been a brunette and now your hair is jet black. What’s next?
“I never know. I might just go with some green highlights for St. Louis Athletica.”

TV show that makes you cry?
“Biggest Loser! Period. End of story. No questions asked. Every Tuesday night I cry while watching that show. Go Brown Team!”

Ideal pet?
“My ideal pet is Leo, my most amazing dog. He’s a dark red golden retriever. However, dogs are very dependent on their owners so I find that cats are better for those who travel because they are so independent. I now have two brand new kittens named Sicily and Captain Sulley, after my new hero who landed the plane on the Hudson River.”