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Quote Sheet: U.S. U-20 WNT Defeats Mexico 3-0 at CONCACAF Qualifying

On the match:
“I am very pleased and excited about our team going to Russia. Playing Mexico (for a berth), we were a bit nervous. Three years ago, playing Mexico wasn’t much of a concern in the women’s game, but now they are clearly a world contender. They are very clever on the ball and they are very crafty, but I think the United States was a bit deeper. We went to our bench in the first three games, so we were a little fresher. I think Mexico had a few unfortunate injuries and maybe ran out of energy a little, but overall there was some very good play from Mexico. It’s very nice to see that the women’s game is getting stronger world-wide and Mexico is leading the way.”

”I think we will try to go to our bench a little bit more. I am happy that a few players got to rest tonight. Truly I don’t know what my top 11 are yet, so some of the girls who were on the bench today will get some playing time, maybe start. We are experimenting with two formations in the 4-4-2 and the 4-3-3, so maybe we even introduce a third formation.”

On the CONCACAF championship vs. Canada:
“Knowing the American athlete and knowing our girls, they want to get first place. I am very excited about going to Russia, it’s a big load off everyone’s shoulders, but I am excited about playing Canada and I think the team is, too.”

On Mexico:
“I was expecting the way Mexico played. It was very good soccer. They got a couple of very good chances in the first half and before you know it, it could have been 1-1. You have to respect Mexico, you never can count them out. They are always there knocking on the door.”

On Brittany Bock:
“I thought Brittany was big time today. She showed world class defending for a U-20, and not only was she good defensively, but she was also good with the ball starting attacks.”

On the road ahead:
“I am very, very happy with their play, but I don’t think they understand how much potential this team could have and how good this team could be. We have a lot of hard work ahead, a lot of time together, and a lot of trips. They have a lot of belief in themselves ahead, but we have a long way to go.”

On her first goal, a free kick:
“I work on free-kicks a lot, trying to bend the ball with the outside of my foot. When the wall was lined up, I told Kasey (Moore) to shoot it upper-ninety, but when the goalkeeper got set, she was way right, so I told Kasey, ‘Dude, I’m taking it.’ And she said ‘okay.’ When I saw it going, I knew it was in. The goalie didn’t look like she was going to get to it. It’s nice to do something in a game that you work on so hard in practice.”

On her second goal, a diving header:
“I kind of pulled Amy (Rodriguez) at my defender and got free at the far post, but I didn’t see the ball until it was right there, coming over the defense. I saw it and just threw my body. I was on the ground and I looked up and saw it in the net. That was tight.”

On the match:
“We just keep growing as a team. This was our best performance of the tournament so far. I think our intensity was off the charts, we just wanted this game badly. Everyone that played today, played well, and I think a major part of that is that everyone has gotten to play quality minutes in this tournament. We’ve all gotten rest and I think that helped us dominate the game. Anyone seems to be able to step into a position and keep our team whole. There is never a missing piece.”

On Brittany Bock:
“She was sick today. Those were two of the best goals I have probably ever seen.”

On the match:
“We were playing well in the first half, but then we went to a three-front to try to put pressure on their backs and create more scoring opportunities. Playing on the outside, my job is to find ways behind the defense, and through some good midfield play, I was able to get into the box and hit a few crosses.”

On the next game vs. Canada
“We’ve qualified, but we always want to win. I think we will be very motivated for the Final.”

On the match:
“It was a physical game. I feel like they were coming hard at you from all sides, but I think we all handled it well and we were the stronger team. I have to give them credit for fighting all game. They never gave up and got some good opportunities.”

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