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U.S. WNT vs. Russia: Post-Match Quotes - Feb. 8, 2014

WNT vs. Russia: Post-Match Quote Sheet
International Friendly
Feb. 8, 2014

U.S. WNT head coach TOM SERMANNI
On the match overall:
“It was a bit difficult for Russia, coming from the cold weather to this kind of heat and humidity. But,
I think the way we played made it very difficult for them to defend the whole 90 minutes. Our ball movement, our support and the way we approached the game was very good.”

On Carli Lloyd’s performance :
“I thought she was outstanding. That output of energy in this sort of game – she was really motivated. I thought from the center of midfield, she dominated the game from in there. The great thing is our two central midfield players did [dominate the game]. Their positioning and movement of the ball, I thought was outstanding. [Carli] deserved a hat trick there and some more goals in the second half. It wasn’t so much about just getting in the result. I thought some of the habits and some of the things we’ve been doing in training really came into the game today. I was really pleased about that.”

On how the game opened up after the first goal :
“What happened is that kind of knocked the steam out of Russia. They defended well for that first 20-25 minutes and made life difficult for us. But, the way we approached the game even during that time, I thought a gap was eventually going to open up. As soon as it did, it was always going to be a long way back for Russia. I was really pleased the way we kept it up until we scored the goal. After that, it made life easier for us.”

On finding room to play on either side of the Russia defense :
“What we found was that the Russia back four really didn’t push off our strikers, so I thought the movement of our strikers was really good. The way that we kept switching up the point of attack really opened up the space on the left and the right side. It wasn’t so much down to Russia as it was to the way we moved the ball around.”

On Amy Rodriguez’s performance :
“I thought she looked good today to come on and look lively and almost score with her first touch. It’s getting back into the game and getting some match fitness. It’s been a long time since she played. Overall, I think getting a few minutes in the game today was really valuable to her.”

On the team’s emotions after the match :
“We feel awesome. It’s cool and rewarding when you see things from the training pitch translate to games and to goals. We’re happy with some of our growth right now, and obviously, the score. We scored some really fantastic goals today. It’s exciting.”

On the supporters in Boca Raton :
“It’s amazing. It’s amazing to grow this game. Not just women’s soccer, but soccer in this country is just growing. People down her in Florida know that so well with the new teams in Orlando and Miami coming into MLS. A turnout like this is fantastic for us. It’s just so exciting to be part of this movement.”

On her play in the opening stages of the game :
“I think every time you put on this jersey and are given an opportunity in the starting lineup, you want to bring what you’re great at. That is something I constantly remind myself [to bring]. My strengths are a lot of energy on the outside, putting balls in the box and getting in the box myself. I think those are things I try to bring to the table day in, day out, on the training pitch and in games like this.

“Luckily in the beginning of the game, I was happy to get a lot of opportunities on the outside. I wish we could have converted some of those early chances. It took us a little bit longer to put one away than we would have liked, but we stayed persistent and we kept good habits, and that’s how we saw goals come our way.”

On scoring her goal :
“We were staying persistent. I think Syd Leroux kept the ball alive. I found myself in the middle of the box when a lot of times I’m sort of on the back side as an outside player. But, I found myself in the middle of the box, and [the ball] was just sort of bouncing around and I was able to pounce on it the way I see some of my teammates like Christen Press do every single day at the training field. And, today was my turn, so I feel good about it.”

On her performance :
“It felt good. I was excited to get out there for a full 30 minutes. I still think I’m working on hitting my stride, but hopefully I can get out there in the next game again.”

On finding and creating chances :
“I had that first chance and I just got a little bit too excited on that one. I was excited to go in and get involved and we got a good result.”