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Quote Sheet: U.S. WNT vs. North Korea Post Game Quote Sheet

U.S. Head Coach

On the game:
“I thought we had the better chances overall in the game. Getting a draw is very important at this stage of game. It keeps us alive heading into the next game with Sweden. We knew this group was going to be tough. It’s time to move on to the next match.”

On the few minutes of the game in which Abby Wambach was sidelined with an injury and the “game seemed to turn on the U.S. playing down one”:
“I had our people call over to the locker room to get Abby back as quickly as we can. We knew we were vulnerable, that’s a very good team, and 11 against 10 they are going to try and break you down. The put a couple of balls in the box and things fell their way.”

On what North Korea did tonight to make things difficult for the U.S.:
“They showed up. They’re a great team. They’re a fantastic team. I’ve watched them since 2003 when I was a scout. They can all play. They are quick, skillful, and they can run all day. Fantastic team. Look for them down the road.”

On Heather O’Reilly and her first Women’s World Cup goal:
“It was critical. I had a great feeling about Heather. I’m so proud of her. I thought she had a fantastic game overall tonight, and she got the goal on top of it.”

On whether he spoke to Hope Solo about the first goal that slipped through her hands:
“Yes, absolutely. I went out and talked to her right after the game. I spoke to her and told her, ‘Hey, Hope. No problem. Don’t worry about it.’ She saves us a lot. You saw her save us there at the end of the game with that great save. It was our turn to save her and that’s the kind of team we are.”

On the next game against Sweden and the difficulty of Group B with four strong teams:
“We have to play great. It’s going to be two great teams. We knew when this draw came out and they placed North Korea into Group B, we knew it was going to be a very, very tough first round. We said it all along and now here it is: it’s tough.”

On the wet conditions and their contribution to the North Korean’s first goal:
“It’s unlucky. A hundred times Hope is going to save that one shot, but this is the one time it goes through her hand. It’s unlucky. I like the rain. I think we play great in the rain, but it is just one of those things.”

U.S. Forward

On opening the tournament with a tie and earning a point:
“I think it’s a good start. We got a point. I think you have to look at the positives when you come out of this. It’s a World Cup and it’s about getting to the next round, and every point counts. So we take this and move on and look forward to the next game. This World Cup is about playing the best and you have to play the best to move on.”

On the entertaining and frenetic pace of the game, and the challenge North Korea presented:
“I think it was attacking soccer and it was exciting soccer. It is the kind of soccer people want to see and that team’s like to play. North Korea is a great team. They are very organized and got numbers forward, but I think our team did a great job of weathering some of their storms and keeping their shots to a minimum. They had a few shots on goal, but they weren’t in such a danger zone. I think we created some good chances. I think we had a couple more chances we could have finished, and we could have got more numbers forward, but I think for the most part we held strong, especially with the two goals back-to-back and to be able to comeback with a goal and tie it up.”

On the team coming from behind late to tie the match after giving up two quick goals:
“It’s great. It’s what this team is built on. We don’t give up. We gave up two goals in nine minutes and we were down a man, but we don’t stop. Hope makes a great save at the end of the game to help us get a point. Heather O’Reilly scores a great goal to tie the game. And that’s just due to the effort of this team. And it’s what I love about this team.”

U.S. Forward

On the game:
“I think we are walking away with our heads high. We got a point and that is important at this stage in the tournament. We got the first game nerves out of the way and under our belt. We just need wins from here on out and I think this team is capable of that.”

On her feelings after playing in her first Women’s World Cup game and scoring a goal:
“It is a pretty great feeling. Pretty awesome. This is every kid’s dream. Surprisingly, though, I really went out there with a calmness. I think I felt most nervous during the national anthems, but once I got my first touch in the game, there was a calmness. In the end, it is just soccer. We’ve been doing this for over five years now. I know I have the experience and I was confident.”

On scoring her second clutch goal for the USA (having scored an OT winner in the Olympic semifinals):
“I was thrilled to tie it up for us. It is my job as a forward and it is always nice to walk away and think you did your job. Next time we just need one more than the other team.”

On the next match against Sweden, a more familiar opponent:
“We have faced Sweden pretty frequently. I think we just need to play our game a little bit more. I think that North Korea might have played their game better than we played our game today. If we do our things right, we should be able to move forward in the tournament.”

U.S. Forward

On North Korea’s excellent play:
“North Korea is by far one of the top five teams in the world and they showed that tonight. They are very organized and very disciplined and very physical. They were probably more physical than we expected. With the surface and the rain tonight (the game) is a coin toss in a lot of ways, and you saw that.”

On whether the team is disappointed in a draw to open the tournament:
“Anytime you expect or hope to win a game, and you come out with a draw, you are a little disappointed. Winning is the only thing. We will regroup tonight. We will still have a long World Cup ahead of us, hopefully. We just have to get our points to get through to the next round.”

On being out of the game for a stretch while getting stitches as North Korea was going ahead:
“I had to hurry up the process and yell at the doctors to get it done quicker. I was in the locker room getting stitched, so I didn’t see the second goal. I heard it, and was screaming what happened, what happened, and I cursed some bad words and hurried up and got my jersey on and ran as fast I could to the midfield stripe to get back on.”

On her first goal and if she thought it would be the key point in the game:
“I thought that was going to be the changing point of the game. It was so back-and-forth. North Korea is such a great team that getting one goal is great, so when we had that one goal, I felt like this was going to be the point where we start taking advantage of the game. But sure enough, I go down with an injury, we play a man down, and North Korea is the kind of team that can take advantage of you when you are a man down.”

On her injury status:
“My injuries are fine. No problem.”

U.S. Goalkeeper

On the intense pressure from North Korea:
“I haven’t had a game like that in quite some time where I have been tested from the opening whistle. So for me, I was ready.”

On the first North Korean goal, which slipped through her hands:
“It’s a day in the life of a goalkeeper. The conditions are slick and it is wet out there, but it happens.”