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Quote Sheet: USA 4, FIN 1

U.S. head coach Pia Sundhage

On the match:
“I’m happy because it’s another win and we scored four goals. The way we played the first half was pretty good, we knocked it around and created a lot of corner kicks. However, we didn’t score on a corner kick, but Lindsay Tarpley stepped up and had two more goals in the game. Finland was a great opponent in the second half, but overall it’s another good game for the USA.”

On the U.S. attack:
“I’m very satisfied with the way they were knocking the ball around. They kept possession in the first half and did very well swinging the ball from one side to the other. We had problems though to penetrate. We didn’t create as many chances as I wanted to. We created a lot of corner kicks, but we didn’t score on corner kicks in the first half so it was great to see Tarpley score two goals at the end of the first half. In the second half, I think we struggled a little bit. It was more of a fight than nice soccer, however, in the second half we scored on a corner kick. Angie Wonzuk got a great goal, which makes me happy because set pieces are important.”
On facing China in the next game for the tournament championship:
“I’m looking forward to the game of course. The way China played against Canada I thought was pretty nice. It will be a good challenge for us to see how our way of playing works against a technical Chinese team. It will be a good game.”

On facing China, for which she served as an assistant coach from April of 2007 through the Women’s World Cup:
“It is special and a unique moment for me. I’ve had these players, Bi Yan, Li Jie, Xie Caixia, in practice while we worked on defending and attacking. Of course, now I have the chance to coach against them and stand on the other side. That’s the beauty of the game. You can be on both sides. For me, I’ve been very privileged to be in different soccer cultures, in both China and the USA. So for me, it is special to be a Swedish woman coaching the United States of America and playing against China.”

On the opportunity for young players to play a tournament title game:
“That is really good, because being in China, playing against China, you can feel the importance of the game. That’s what it’s all about – to win the game that matters. This is close to that, instead of just a friendly game. Tournaments are important to prepare for the (Olympic) qualification in Mexico.”

On the young players who played in the match:
“All of them are technical. Wonzuk, she had a great goal, and Tina DiMartino played Cheney in, and I have to add our left back Tobin Heath, went up and down, which was also a good performance I think. It is good for them to have this experience playing in China in big games.”

U.S. midfielder Lindsay Tarpley

On scoring four goals in two games:
“I think the biggest thing is that I’m having fun playing. It’s a great group of girls and we’re playing together, which makes it that much better.”

On her opportunistic finishing:
“I think one of my strengths as a player is reading the game. Whether I’m in the right spot at the right time, or trying to think ahead of the ball, those are my strengths, so if I can use those, it definitely helps me on the field.”

On the players who came off the bench:
“I think the most exciting thing is that everybody contributed. Tina DiMartino, Lauren Cheney, Angela Woznuk, everyone came in and made a difference. That’s what our team needs and that’s what those players did. It’s exciting to see that and I’m excited about the future.”

On her second goal:
“I saw Abby going end line and Finland tends to drop off a lot, so I kind of held in the slot run and she played a perfect ball back for me to one-time it.”

U.S. midfielder Tina DiMartino

On her first cap:
“I was really nervous at first, but now its over with and I’m just excited that I got in the game.”

On her assist to Lauren Cheney:
“It kind of happened really fast. I beat the girl one-v-one down the end line and then I saw Cheney in the box. The girl was man-marking her, but Cheney kind of spun out a little so I found her back foot and she found the back of the net.”

U.S. midfielder Angie Woznuk

On the second half:
“We kind of lost a little bit of chemistry and momentum. I think a lot players came in like me and Cheney who are new and who are not used to playing with the players in that environment. I think later in the half we started clicking a little more and Tina was able to find Cheney and so on.”

On her first national team goal:
“It happened so fast. Lopez was taking a corner and I know her balls usually go kind of toward to the near post so I made my run there and my player wasn’t right with me. I was celebrating before I knew it.”

Finland head coach Michael Kald:

On game:
“The USA showed us today how to play good football. Pia has a great team, a team with a lot of speed, very technical, they have power and they can score goals. I am also proud of my team. We have a very young team and in the first half, we didn’t play. Young players when they play against strong Americans, when they make the first mistake, after that, they are a bit scared to do the second mistake and you could see that in the first half. In the second half, I think for 20-25 minutes, we played well. We scored a goal against the USA. I don’t remember when we last scored a goal against the USA, maybe 20 years ago. (Actually, eight years ago). Then we had a great chance to equalize the game, a good free kick from Anna-Kaisa Rantanen. But the last 15 (minutes) was just ok, we didn’t have enough power.”