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Post-Match Quote Sheet: U.S. U-17 WNT 4, Costa Rica 1

U.S. Under-17 Women’s National Team Head Coach Kazbek Tambi
On winning the 2008 CONCACAF Under-17 Women’s Championship title:
“When we got together as a team some months ago, we basically all agreed that our first goal was to get to the World Cup and our second goal was to win the CONCACAF region, this tournament. Now we’re going to set some new goals when we get back home, leading into the World Cup.”

On whether he expected Costa Rica to be a more difficult opponent in this match than in the first Group A match:
“Absolutely. What you see here is that over the course of the tournament, everybody has gotten a little bit better. They’ve all gotten tighter. Costa Rica has had ample time to look at us now. They played against us and I’m sure they scouted all of our games, so we knew that they’d come out tough and play a stronger match against us, which they did.”

On the plans for the team before heading to New Zealand:
“I’m going to give them a couple of weeks off because they’ve been very active up until this point. After that we’ll get together on a regular basis, every three or four weeks heading into New Zealand. That’s going to be a very tough mission ahead of us and we’re going to have to work harder than we’ve ever worked to succeed there, also.”

On the most memorable moments of the tournament:
“Every game has been unique and exciting. The atmosphere in this stadium, the fact that we were playing for something, unlike back home where we were doing a lot of scrimmages and friendly matches. It’s a whole different ball game when going to the world cup is on the line. I’d say the goal against Mexico was big, obviously, because that was the one tight game that was on the balance. It’s always exciting, in that vital moment for us in this whole tournament when we got that winning goal against Mexico.”

U.S. Under-17 Women’s National Team Captain Courtney Verloo
On her experience at the 2008 CONCACAF Under-17 Women's Championship:
“It’s been an awesome experience. The whole team has worked really hard and, like (Coach Tambi) said, we’ve set a lot of goals and we’re really excited to have achieved those. It’s a great feeling.”

On continuing the winning tradition of the U.S. Women’s National Team programs:
“It’s such an honor. I’ve looked up to all the women that won the World Cup in the past, so I just feel really honored to be able to try and continue on those accomplishments. It’s really exciting.”

On the most memorable moments of the tournament:
“For me, every game was really exciting, to be able to be in such a cool environment here in Trinidad and to be able to play competitively with such great teams. I think that all the games here and being able to be so competitive in this CONCACAF tournament was a really great experience, overall.”

U.S. Under-17 Women’s National Team Forward Tani Costa
On the victory:
“This was my ultimate goal for this tournament so we have to set new goals for the World Cup. That’s my No. 1. I’m happy that we got (the CONCACAF championship) as a team.”

On the match against Costa Rica:
“We started off really fast. That was really good. We got some quick combos and I got two quick goals and it just boosted our confidence. We kept playing as a team. Costa Rica played really well but we came out on top.”

On the team's development throughout the tournament:
“We definitely progressed from the first game to the last game. Every game we just got better and better. It wasn’t like we got new things to work on, we just continued to work on the things we needed to work on and we got our jobs done.”

U.S. Under-17 Women’s National Team Midfielder Kate Bennett
On winning the championship:
“It feels amazing. The game was really fun. The speed of play was really quick and I think everyone came together, we passed it around a lot.”

On the team's development throughout the tournament:
“I think with each game we got better and better, and more comfortable with ourselves. Each game was a quicker speed of play.”

U.S. Under-17 Women’s National Team Defender Cloee Colohan
On how it feels to win the CONCACAF championship:
“Awesome. It feels so good. This game was a little bit more nerve-wracking, just because it was the championship game. But I knew that if we just played our game, we’d come out on top. We did and I thought we did a great job.”

On whether the team felt pressure, being the favorites:
“I think in the beginning, we felt a ton of pressure and we were really nervous, but once we got into our game we played fine. We did our thing and we knew we could win, so I think we were fine, knowing that we were the favorite.”

On the team’s development throughout the tournament:
“We were super rushed, all the time. Once the games were on, we just got better, we calmed down, relaxed and started to play our game and pass it around. I thought we did really well, towards the end. We just kept getting better and better. It was great.”

On the next goal for the U.S. U-17 WNT:
“Winning the World Cup in New Zealand. Hopefully, I’ll be on that team and get to do it.”