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w/ U.S. WNT Defender Heather Mitts

What’s it going to be? Door number one, door number two, or door number THREE?!? Okay, so this section has less to do with “Let’s Make A Deal” and more to do with the Multiple Choice section of an SAT test. “In 3’s” peeks inside the head of a select National Team player as they pick one of three choices for 25 questions about personal tastes and pop culture.

Heather Mitts can be tough to track down. Between playing with the Women’s National Team to doing sideline reporting for MLS broadcasts or cheering on her Miami Dolphin quarterback boyfriend A.J. Feeley, the former ESPN Page 2’s Hottest Female Athlete always seems to be doing something active. Luckily, we were able to track Heather down and…you know, speaking of being lucky, how lucky is that Feeley dude? Who in the world can lose a close game and still be happy when he goes home? We’ll tell you who –  the guy dating Heather Mitts. Man, that lucky…oh…ah, sorry. Back to “In 3’s.” We tracked Heather down and found that besides having trouble choosing between three choices she has a soft spot for ice cream, loves to play squash and (sigh) calls meeting A.J. as her favorite non-soccer moment. Damn that guy!


Favorite place you’ve lived: Cincinnati, Ohio; Gainesville, Fla.; or Philadelphia, Pa.?
“That’s a hard one because if I don’t say my hometown, people will say ‘that’s messed up!’  I know this is the first question, but I can’t answer it.  I’ve had wonderful experiences in each of those places and appreciated each for what they offered me.”

Best thing to do when skipping class in college at the University of Florida: hit the beach, go shopping or sleep in?
“Sleep in, because we had workouts at six o’clock in the morning.  I always thought, ‘how am I supposed to go to class and function when I have to get up at 5:30 in the morning?’  But I was dedicated and very disciplined. I didn’t miss class very often.  My dad would be proud.”

Job you’d most like to be doing with you advertising degree if you weren’t playing soccer: directing commercials, copywriter or graphic artist?
“I would actually say what I am doing right now, pursuing a career in TV.  It’s a challenge and something you really have to work hard at.”

Using your keen advertising eye, what was the best humorous Super Bowl commercial this past January: ad with the monkeys, guy jumping out of plane for Bud Light or Pepsi ad with Puff Daddy?
“I liked all of them, but I think Puffy takes the cake.  It was so Hollywood.”

Most exciting non-soccer moment: Running with bulls in Spain, meeting A.J. Feeley or graduating from college?
“Although my dad will be upset that I am not picking option three, it was probably meeting A.J.  There have been many great moments with A.J. since then as well, but meeting him was very unexpected so that’s one of the reasons it was so special.”

Most attractive woman you beat out to win Page 2’s Hottest Female Athlete for 2004: Anna Kournikova, Jenny Finch or Jamie Sale?
“All three are beautiful and great athletes.  I didn’t vote.” 

Favorite way to enjoy the beach: lay out and read a book, go for a run/walk or try to surf?
“I don’t really go in water that is above my waist thanks to a shark attack I witnessed close up when I was 13, so I really like to “veg” on the beach.”


Favorite type of non-American food: Mexican, Italian or Chinese/Asian Fusion?
“All of it.  I like food.”

Favorite meal to make yourself: Pasta, a big salad or steak?
“I cook, but it’s usually healthy stuff.  It’s not too exciting.  Usually, A.J. does the grilling and I am in charge of sides, like corn, green beans, salad and asparagus.”

Favorite craving you indulge in every once in a while: chocolate, ice cream or cake?
“Definitely ice cream.  The flavor depends on the mood.  If I’m in Cincinnati, it’s black raspberry chip.  I had green tea ice cream at a Sushi place last night.  It was really good.  Then the other night, I had plain old vanilla with strawberries, blueberries and whipped cream.  I guess it’s not really once in a while.  I’ve had ice cream three times this week, but usually it is just once a week.”

Favorite sports team in Cincinnati: Bengals, Reds or UC Bearcats?
“It’s a tie between the Reds and the Bengals.  If I had to choose between both winning a world title, it would be the Bengals winning the Super Bowl.  Who-dey! Who-dey think they’re gonna beat them Bengals!”

Best championship you’ve been involved with: winning Ohio high school state title in 1993, winning NCAA championship in 1998 or winning Gold Medal in 2004 Olympics?
“The gold medal in 2004 for sure.  It was a lifelong dream to be part of an Olympics, and to actually win a gold medal, and do it in the fashion that we did, and to be a part of the team that I was on, well, that makes it that much more special.”

Best player on the Miami Dolphins other than A.J? Jason Taylor, Zach Thomas or Chris Chambers?
“I think I’d have to say…(she pauses in thought)…Jason had a good year last year so I’ll go with him, but all three are very valuable to the team.”

Favorite sport to play other than soccer: tennis, softball or golf?
“You didn’t say squash as one of the options.  I play squash with my dad and we have great time.  He whips me.  But otherwise, golf.  I don’t play often enough, and I lose a lot of balls, but I still have a great time driving the cart.”

All three of these teams advance to the NCAA Basketball Final Four in 2006, who are you cheering for to win: Cincinnati, Kentucky or Florida? [editor’s note: Heather’s dad played basketball at Kentucky.]
“I have to go with the alma mater and say Florida.  I bleed orange and blue.  I root for Kentucky when they are not playing against Florida.”

Who is your favorite non-Dolphin NFL quarterback – Brett Favre, Donovan McNabb or Tom Brady?
Donovan McNabb, and I like his wife too.  I like the Eagles and Donovan is good peeps.”

Hardest thing to watch happen to A.J. during a Miami Dolphins game: get crunched by a 240-pound linebacker on a short run, throw an interception or get mud and grass all over his face after a sack?
“All of them.  C’mon!  What kind of question is that?”

Of the magazines you’ve been in, which do you read the most often: Sports Illustrated, Maxim or FHM?
“Definitely Sports Illustrated.  I’ve been reading it for a long time.  I just got a subscription for A.J., for my dad and step-dad last Christmas.  It makes a wonderful gift.”

Superstitions on day of game: Have one, have more than one or don’t have any?
“Used to, now not so much.  I just figured I am going to control my own performance.  I don’t want to be superstitious, there’s just no reason to be.  If you go out and play hard, everything else will fall into place.”

Reality show you’d like most to be on: “Survivor,” “The Amazing Race” or “American Idol”?
“I would have to say either “Survivor” or “Amazing Race.”  I like challenges and both are chock full of those, although “American Idol” would be quite the challenge since I have a horrible voice.  Having to deal with Simon’s comments would be tough.”

If you were on “The Amazing Race” who would you most like to compete with: your sister, either parent or U.S. WNT teammate?
“I think I’d have to say a WNT teammate.  I’d take Christie Rampone because of her athleticism, but I think it’s a mix of athleticism, friendship and I think she’s a smart little cookie so I think she’d be good at the Amazing Race.”

Best looking male actor: Brad Pitt, George Clooney or Denzel Washington?
“Brad Pitt. End of topic.” 

Favorite musical artist: Dave Matthews Band, John Mayer or Jason Mraz?
“All three.  Can’t choose.  It’s whatever you’re in the mood for.  They are similar but all a little different.”

Worst young female that has recently released a music album: Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton or Hilary Duff?
“Paris Hilton”

If you were a rock and roll star instead of a soccer star, what would you be: lead singer, drummer or lead guitarist?
“That’s a tough one.  I’ll go with guitarist.  I don’t know why, but you told me I had to choose one so I pick guitar.”