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Edwards Re-Elected as Executive Vice President; Power Soccer Admitted as Disabled Program

WAIKOLOA, Hawaii (Feb. 19, 2008) -- During U.S. Soccer’s 2008 Annual General Meeting this past weekend in Waikoloa, Hawaii, Mike Edwards was unanimously re-elected as Executive Vice President of the U.S. Soccer’s National Board of Directors.

Edwards has been Vice President since 2006.  A long-time resident of Albuquerque, New Mexico, Edwards served as the director of the New Mexico State Soccer Association from 1986-1997 and was elected as the Vice President of the U.S. Amateur Soccer Association in 1997.

Additionally, the United States Soccer Power Association was admitted as a disabled service organization. Power Soccer is a team sport that helps build important qualities in people, such as: teamwork, communication, hard work, perseverance, good sportsmanship, and the list goes on. The NPSA is also driven to help make Power Soccer an internationally recognized sport that will one day place it in the Paralympics. 
The US National Team of Power Soccer won the first-ever World Cup in 2007 in Tokyo, Japan. The U.S. beat France in sudden death penalty kicks to take home the title.