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Referee Director to the National Board of Directors

CHICAGO (Thursday, December 11, 2003) - The following are photos and resumes of nominees for the Referee Director to the National Board of Directors (listed alphabetically). 

John Bouda

I’m dedicated to protecting the dignity and safety of the referees and preserving the integrity and independence of the referee programs. New and formidable challenges are facing us as the U.S. Soccer family increases its numbers of organizational members. I’m here to see that that dual mission of the national referee program is honored and enforced. As your current Referee Representative I will continue using my experience on the NBOD and the NRC to ensure that referees at all levels get the support they need to officiate a safe, fair, fun game of soccer.

I’ve been a USSF referee since 1986; the SRA of North Carolina since 1990, am an instructor and state assessor.

William (Bill) A. Marsh

Soccer Experience:

  1. Registered referee since 1981, presently registered as a State Emeritus Referee Grade 15.
  2. Registered instructor since 1985, presently registered as a State Referee Instructor.
  3. Registered assessor since 1987, presently registered as a State Referee Assessor.
  4. State Director of Instruction for Utah since 1987.
  5. Active member of state referee committee.
  6. Actively teach entry clinics, re-certification clinics, and in-service meetings.
  7. Officiated over 3000 games (youth, adult, semi-professional, indoor, futsal, high school, and college).
  8. Selected by United States Adult Soccer Association as Region IV referee of the year for 2002.
  9. Actively involved in the local soccer referee association.
I would like the opportunity to be the referee representative to the Board of Directors to present and discuss current referee issues, and long-range referee program goals. Being retired I have the time to seek input from the states regarding referee issues, and to attend all the required meetings.

Joe Meeroff

It is well recognized that the hard pioneer work of many dedicated individuals throughout the United States assisted in developing one of the best Referee programs in the world. The challenge is now to improve the quality in order to parallel the wide-ranging success that U.S. Soccer has achieved in its National Teams Programs and coaching development programs.

Referees are an integral part of the Federation and as such they must participate in the decision-making process affecting the future of the organization.

Referee representation on the BOD will reflect the interest and welfare of their members and will raise awareness of referee needs around the country.

It is critical that the Federation take a leadership role in to increase the number of certified referees and retain our pool of talented officials. This work must be done for the good of the game and all its participants.


J.C. Meeroff, MD. PhD
Associate Professor of Medicine
University of Miami School of Medicine

USSF Referee
1985-Curr USSF State Referee 05 Florida
1995-1996 USSF Futsal National Referee Florida
1983-1984 USSF State Referee 06 Tennessee
1982-1983 USSF Referee 07 Tennessee
1980-1982 USSF Referee 08 South Carolina

Other Referee Organizations
2000-Curr NISOA National Emeritus Referee
1980-Curr High School referee
1991-2000 NISOA National Referee
1981-1993 NISOA Referee

USSF Instructor and Assessor Programs
1983-Curr Referee Instructor
1985-Curr State Referee Assessor

USSF Referee Administration
1985-1988 Florida State Soccer Association SRA\SYRA

USSF Referee Assignor
1999-Curr Assignor Gold Coast and Soccer Development Leagues
1986- 1988 National Assignor American Soccer League ASL
1985-1987 Assignor Marlboro Cup
1983-1985 Assignor Greater Nashville Soccer League

John C. Murillo

I currently reside in Northern California, in the city of Hayward. I have been actively involved in soccer for more than 30 years as a referee, assessor, assignor, administrator, and instructor. I have served on numerous boards in the youth and amateur organizations here in Cal-North.

Currently, I am the Vice President of the San Francisco Soccer Football League (Amateur); the Vice President of Development for Game Officials for CSAN – the governing body for amateur in Cal-North, and I also am a board member for the California North Referee Administration.

I am still active as a State Referee (Grade 5), State Assessor, Assignor and instructor.

Barry Towbin

  1. New Jersey Interim State Referee Administrator
  2. New Jersey State Youth Referee Administrator
  3. State 5 Referee
  4. State Instructor
  5. State Assessor
  6. Assignor Trainer
  7. USSF National Pool Instructor
25 plus years of experience in USSF has allowed me to understand the needs and concerns of the referees, instructors, assessors, assignors and how each one of them effects the development of the game. I have been involved in rewriting the Grade 9 Recreational Referee Course, the Referee Bridge (Grade 9 to Grade 8) Course and I am the Project Leader for the U.S. Youth Soccer Modified Playing Rules for U6, U8, U10 and U12 age groups.

Kevin S. Yant

My first experience with Soccer was back in 1978 when I observed my children playing soccer. I ended up coaching both of my son's teams for many years along with playing the game. I had the privilege of playing on a local semi pro men's team for a short period of time. Before I knew it the game of Soccer had become an obsession with me. I began my referee career in 1984 and before I knew it I was an International Candidate with International and MLS experience, along with a C Coaching License. Then in 1999 due to injuries I became an Emeritus National Referee, at present I am a National Assessor and part of the National Instructor Staff. I am also the SDI of Colorado for the last two years.

My full time profession is as a Sales & Marketing Director for a Foodservice Company of 18 years. I also lecture and instruct both in Phoenix and Denver for my company. I currently reside in Denver Colorado with my wife. Who is just as active in Soccer as an administrator for Region IV.

With age brings wisdom and maturity and the ability to see life in different aspects. As I look back on my life I have used what I learned in Soccer and applied it to my career and life and vice versa. Through Soccer I have learned effective communication skills both on and off the field. It has helped me continue to strive for those things, which makes it all worth while. Soccer becomes part of your family and it will teach you integrity, truth, and strong convictions.

My aspirations in soccer, is simply, continue to build and promote soccer in the U.S. for the players, coaches, referees, spectators, and parents. This game of soccer has brought me far more rewards than I could every dreamed of. I am honored for the nomination for the Referee Director seat on the Board of Directors. If elected I will continue to work hard with the Board of Directors to work towards bringing continuity to the game.

Thank you for giving me an opportunity.