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Post-Match Quotes: USA 0, Canada 0 (3-5 pk)

U.S. U-17 Women's National Team Head Coach KAZBEK TAMBI

On the match:
“Well, it’s a devastating loss for our group. They are all hurting right now and there were a lot of tears shed in the locker room. It’s a tough way to go down. This team knows they are a great group, and as good a team as we’ve probably had in the age group, but they didn’t finish the job today and that’s a tough feeling for everybody. My hope is that we will learn from this painful lesson.”

On going to penalties:
“We trained to take penalties in the practices leading up to this game, but at the end of the day, it does come down to a bit of good luck or bad luck and our group certainly didn’t plan pushing this game to penalties. Our goal was to finish this game off in regulation or overtime, but it just didn’t happen.”

On trying to find a way through the tough Canada defense:
“We went out the same, very offensive-minded, trying to possesses and get behind Canada as much as we could. Canada has a very defensive posture and hung tough in the back, but I felt that we needed to do a better job in the offensive third. That final pass through wasn’t quite there enough tonight. We would have liked to create more chances, and the good ones that did come, we didn’t stick them away. In this kind of a match, when you get the good ones, you need to put them away, and we didn’t do that today.”


On the loss:
“As a team, we’re crushed, and it’s going to hurt for a while. I think right now we need to learn from the pain and look at the positives. We all learned a lot from this experience and from playing with each other, from playing with some great players, and we’ll take that to heart as we continue to grow on the field and off.”


On the loss:
“We’ve all grown so much through this experience and some of my best friends are on this team, so it hurts even more. It’s just upsetting to go out this way, devastating really. We know we could have done better, but it just wasn’t our day. We’ll learn from it and move forward, but right now, it’s just tough.”