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Post-Match Quote Sheet: U.S. WNT 4, Canada 0

U.S. head coach Pia Sundhage

On the match:
“I am happy about the performance and I am happy that we scored a goal on a corner kick. That’s something we are starting to work on and I believe that come 2011, when the games are so tight, that set plays will be very, very important. So, four nice goals and a pretty good game on turf.”

On Abby Wambach’s first game back since her injury last July:
“I will be patient, the team will be patient, but I hope she will be patient, in order to be that big star that she can be. She is coming off injury and this is her first time with the team for a while, but her presence is something special. She has a long way to go, but I thought it was a good start.”

On what she takes from the week in Toronto:
“It’s like Christimas time when you have a game. We will analyze the game thoroughly and we have talked a lot about roles. They have a role in their club team and they come here and we ask something else from them. We want to put that together and find the best role for them to have the best performance. The practices we had were very sharp, which was great. We can’t afford to just have an okay day. Everyone has to be on top of everything. I was very happy with every practice and every team meeting and ending up with this game.”

U.S. midfielder Shannon Boxx

On the match:
“I am very happy with the way the team came together. We were here for a short amount of time and are only going to be together for 90 days this year with the WPS and the fact that we could come back here from our club teams and perform as well as we did and be cohesive is good for the future.”

On the importance of getting such an early goal:
“Very important. We talk about coming out strong and not allowing teams to get confident against us. It’s great to get a goal early. It felt really good. Pia has talked about working on the offensive side for the midfielders, playing both sides of the ball. I’m usually on the defensive side so to get on the offensive side is really fun.”

On Canada’s first domestic game under new head coach Carolina Morace:
“The Canadians are getting better and better every year. They are always a challenge for us because they are a tough, strong team. Those are the qualities you always notice about them, but now you start to see that they are working the ball and possessing and I thought they did a good job against us at times because I was defending a lot. (Morace) wants them to play and not just hit that long ball and win that ball in the air. She wants them to play on the ground.”

On Abby Wambach’s return to the national team and searching for her first goal since her injury:
“The one thing you love about Abby is her passion and dedication to this team and her drive. You saw it out there today. She wants to see this team win and she’s going to get one. We need to be behind her and remind her that it’s going to come. Physcially, she is just going to get better and better in her recovery, but mentally it’s just so great to have her out there. Her attitude is 100 percent.”

U.S. forward Abby Wambach

On her first game back from injury after 10 months:
“I felt really glad to be out there and glad to be healthy and glad that my team got an early goal. I think that definitely dictated the tempo of the game right off the bat. I’m the type of player that whether we win or lose, I still want to perform well, but the most important thing is that we come out with the win. When we get four goals from four different players, I am impressed.”

On the match and not getting her 100th goal:
“Give credit to Canada in that they have a game plan, and part of that game plan was obviously to shut me down and they came through. But we have a game plan too and Sinclair is definitely on the top of our list to be aware of. At the end of the day, the goals will come and Christine and I have two more chances to do it against each other.”

On possibly getting her 100th goal in her hometown of Rochester, N.Y., at the USA’s next match:
“I think it would be great to do it there. I think Mia actually got it there? So, might as well keep up the tradition? But if I get called in, if I get a chance to play and if that chance comes and I put it way, I’ll be very, very excited to do it in front of my home crowd.”

U.S. defender Rachel Buehler

On the match:
“I think Canada is definitely playing some good soccer and they had some dangerous attacks at times, we just kind of got the momentum in the second half and started scoring and the game opened up for us.”

On the quality performance coming from WPS:
“That means that the level of the league is high and that we are all getting a good training environment, so I think that says a lot about the WPS and what we are doing away from the team. Then we still have our great chemistry when we come together so that was cool to see and a lot of fun.”