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U.S. vs. Germany

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Is it just us, our do you think the U.S.-Germany match on March 22 is going to be one of the most entertaining friendlies the MNT has played in years?

After suffering a 4-1 drumming from Italy, Germany is like an injured Doberman pincher and the U.S. is the dim, heavy-set dogcatcher, net in hand, backing them into a corner (only due to unlucky timing).

So, like an injured dog, what can you expect from the Germans? Bite back, fight their way out and show the country – and the world – they are a World Cup favorite.

A cautious fan might get nervous about the U.S. having to go up against the fight-or-die mentality of the Germans, especially because Bruce won’t have all of his European stars to help counter. But, the truth is, the final result isn’t all that important. What’s more crucial for Bruce, is finding out which of the MLS on-the-fence bunch can step up their game as he weeds out who will be earning the final World Cup roster spots. And you couldn’t ask for a better atmosphere to find out.

For a number of U.S. players, they will be playing with their World Cup lives on the line. Germany, and Jurgen Klinsmann, will just be fighting for their lives in front of some unhappy fans. It’ll be a good one.

Oh, before we forget, 2:25 p.m. ET, live on ESPN2 or’s MatchTracker. March 22 for those who forgot what they read 90 seconds ago.