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Post-Match Quote Sheet: WNT 6, CAN 0

U.S. Head Coach Pia Sundhage

On the match:
“I’m thrilled. We talked about changing up the rhythm in the attack. My dream is to take this game to the next level and I think we can do it. We’re halfway there. The way we played today, there were so many good things I could stand here for an hour just talking about how good it was. And still it could be better.”

On Natasha Kai’s performance and improvement from the beginning of the year:
“She was just wonderful today. Her goals and her way of playing is contagious, you get inspired just watching her. When I saw her the first time in January I wasn’t happy at all, but now I’m very happy.”

On Carli Lloyd and Shannon Boxx:
“They are important. The way they play in both attacking and defending is international high class. Certain things that Lloyd does are very unique, but at the same time don’t forget about Shannon Boxx. I like to (play) these two at the same time, and they’re doing very well.”

U.S. Forward Abby Wambach

On the match:
“It was just a total team performance today. Coming back from the (Olympic) qualification game (in early April) that went into overtime and PKs, we knew we needed to step up and play better soccer, and I think it showed tonight.”

On Natasha Kai:
“Natasha is a goal scorer. Natasha is one of those players that can disappear for minutes on end, but if you put her in the penalty box, she’s deadly. She keeps proving that. I don’t know what her goal to caps ratio is but I think she’d probably one of the best in the world.”

On the U.S. attack:
“In my opinion there’s nothing better than an entire attack where anybody can score goals. In the past, Kristine Lilly and myself were pretty much the dominant goal scorers and it’s easier to defend and easier to beat us if you have to shut down two players instead of nine. Everyone is getting into the attack. It’s Pia’s new philosophy of pushing numbers forward and possessing the ball, and it’s fun to watch. I kind of took a bit of a back seat today, and the girls on this team are really great soccer players and are showing it every minute of the game.”

U.S. Forward Natasha Kai

On the match:
“It’s finally coming together. We’ve been practicing hard for these last three weeks and tomorrow we get to go home, but I think we ended these three weeks with a bang and we won big.”

On her hat trick:
“For me, a goal is a goal, whoever scores it. It’s a whole team effort. For those three goals it started from the back, from the defense to the offense. As a forward our job is to score, but I give credit to my teammates because they play so hard and when you play hard you get rewarded with a goal, no matter who scores it.”

On if she’s changed as a player this year:
“I feel like I’m more confident and my teammates believed in me. I came into camp more fit and with my head screwed on straight. This is an Olympic year and we want to win the gold. I’m going to be professional about it and do what I have to do to be a good teammate.”

On the second half:
“We knew we had a one-goal lead, but this is soccer and anything can happen. A one-goal lead is like a 0-0 tie. We just talked at halftime that we need to come out here strong and come out fighting from the start. Did I think we were going to score five more goals? There was a possibility and we came out here and did our job and came out victorious.”

On if there was any fear going in hard for a header on the second goal:
“No fear at all. That’s me, that’s my personality. I’m alright if I get rocked by the goalkeeper. She’s just doing her job, I’m doing my job, and it’s 50-50, fair game. I have to put myself in a scoring situation and I was there and ready to get hit, but I got contact on the ball. I didn’t know it went in until I heard the screams.”