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w/ MNT Forward Landon Donovan

What’s it going to be? Door number one, door number two, or door number THREE?!? Okay, so this section has less to do with “Let’s Make A Deal” and more to do with the Multiple Choice section of an SAT test. “In 3’s” peeks inside the head of a select National Team player as they pick one of three choices for 25 questions about personal tastes and pop culture.

You wish you were Landon Donovan.

You wish you were one of the best players on the U.S. Men’s National Team. You wish you were receiving a paycheck with six numbers (before the decimal point!). You wish you were dating a Hollywood TV/movie star (by the way, we wish we were, too).

Alas, you are not Landon Donovan.

Well…unless Landon Donovan is reading this, then…I guess you are Landon Donovan. Whatever, most chances are you are not Landon, you just want to be like him.

We can’t help you with the athletic ability, the money or the girl, but we are able to tell you Landlova’s pre-game ritual, what he thinks of the “Simpsons” and which is his favorite fast-food joint with this issue’s edition of In 3’s. So, maybe you can at least be like him. Hey, it’s a start.

Favorite place you’ve lived in the U.S.: San Jose, Los Angeles, or Bradenton, Fla.?
“Gimme a break.  LA.  The weather, the water, the food, the lifestyle. It’s as simple as that.”

Favorite of your multitude of nicknames: Landlova, LD or Kid?
“I have to go close to home with Landlova.  It’s the one my brother gave me.  Kid is a close second.”

You're rooming with one guy from your days with the U-17s while on the road with the full MNT, who do you choose: DaMarcus Beasley, Bobby Convey or Oguchi Onyewu?
“I think Beas snores too much.  Bobby sings too much.  So it’s Gooch by default.”

Best pre-game ritual: sleeping, listening to music or just relax?
“Listening to music, because it tends to get people focused.  It’s almost like a form of meditation.”

Best California beach hangout: Manhattan, Redondo or Hermosa?
“Of those three, it’s Manhattan, but Newport is truly the best beach in SoCal.”

Favorite thing to do on the road: play cards, play video games or read a book?
“Play video games. I don’t get to do it at home anymore.  I do read a lot.”

Favorite type of non-American food: Mexican, Italian or Asian?
“Given the Latin community in Southern California, Mexican is close to my heart.  But there’s nothing like PF Chang's.”

Favorite craving you indulge in every once in awhile: chocolate, ice cream or cake?
“Ice cream, for sure.  That is truly my one vice.”

Fast-food joint you’re going to for burger and fries: In-N-Out, McDonalds or Burger King?
“That’s not even a question.  In-N-Out is the real stuff.”

Best kind of dishes you can make: breakfast items, dinner entrees or desserts?
“I’d say right now I’m learning how to cook.  Breakfast is the best, but I try everything.”

Best late night snack: burrito, pizza slice or gyro?
“Probably pizza.  It’s not too heavy.  I love burritos, but pizza is solid late-night food.”

Favorite sports team in Los Angeles besides the Galaxy: Clippers, Lakers or Dodgers?
“It used to be the Lakers, but now it’s more Dodgers or Angels.”

Favorite sport to play other than soccer: Golf, basketball or tennis?
“I probably enjoy golf the most, but I play basketball more often. I can shoot for hours.”

Best professional sports league to watch in United States besides MLS: NFL, MLB or NBA?
“The NFL is so far ahead of the other two, it’s not even close.”

Superstitions on day of game: Have one, have more than one or don’t have any?
“Have too many.  It’s ridiculous.  Everything from stretching in the shower to only shaving on game days.  And there’s a lot more.”

Who’s most likely to be crowned the new NBA champions: Heat, Suns or Spurs?
“Tough one.  My pick is Miami, because I think Shaq is too determined.”

Favorite movie girlfriend Bianca Kajlich has been in: “Halloween Resurrection,” “Bring it On” or “10 Things I Hate About You”? (editor's note: Kajlich scene as “Coffee Girl” in “10 Things I Hate About You” was actually cut out of the final version.)
’Bring it On.’  One because she’s in a hot cheerleader outfit.  But then she kills because she’s such a dork (laughs).”

Favorite television series Kajlich has had a part in: “Boston Public,” “Dawson’s Creek” or “Rock Me Baby?”
“They all suck because she made out with other dudes!  She was hottest in ‘Rock Me Baby.’”

Reality show you’d like most to be on: “Survivor,” “The Amazing Race” or “American Idol”?
“I guess Survivor, because of my competitive nature.  I would be shocking on ‘American Idol.’”

If you were on “The Amazing Race” who would you most like to compete with: your sister Tristan, your girlfriend Bianca or a teammate on the Men’s National Team?
“I’d say a teammate from the national team.  They are worldly and they are athletic.  Don’t get me wrong.  We’d win.”

Of the talk shows you’ve been on, who’s the better interviewer: David Letterman, Carson Daly or Regis Philbin?
Regis, because he seemed the most interested in what was going on.  Carson was fun because he was more my age.”

Funniest animated series: “Simpsons,” “Family Guy” or “South Park”?
Simpsons.  What brilliant writing.”

As a big Boyz II Men fan, what is your favorite song: “Motownphilly,” “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye” or “The End of the Road”?
“Depends on the mood.  Upbeat, definitely ‘Motownphilly.’  For a slow jam, ‘The End of the Road.’”

Instrument you played as a kid: piano, violin or guitar?
“The only one I took lessons in was violin.  I enjoyed playing the piano.”

You become blessed with amazing musical talent. What career are you pursuing: member of a boy band, solo artist or lead vocal in band?
“I could have been in a boy band five years ago before I lost all my hair. Now I’d just be a solo artist.  I’d be writing my own songs.”