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Post-Game Quote Sheet: MNT vs. Mexico – April 2, 2014

Post-Game Quote Sheet: U.S. MNT vs. Mexico
April 2, 2014

U.S. Men’s National Team midfielder MICHAEL BRADLEY
On match:
“I thought the first half was pretty good. We talked at halftime about understanding what they were going to put in at the beginning of the second half. But obviously just because you talked about it, doesn’t mean we are able to prevent it. They’re still a team that lives off confidence; they get a goal and the crowd gets into it and they start feeling pretty good about themselves. When they get to 2-2, at that point, the game opens up and they can score or we can score. At the end, we deserve to win I think. I think Eddie Johnson’s goal was onside, the play with Julian Green was maybe inside the box, maybe right on the edge, but there was certainly contact. If you look at it from the bigger picture, good game, great atmosphere, good night for the fans, and a good test for us as we move forward toward the summer.”

On the USA’s formation:
“I think one of our strengths is that we have the ability to play in a lot different ways. I didn’t look at it differently tonight, other than you’re playing with a guy, Kyle, who does a good job at taking care of things, being disciplined. So it gives me more freedom to be mobile, to be on the move, to get forward, to get down.”

U.S. Men’s National Team midfielder GRAHAM ZUSI
On the second half:
“For one reason or another, we came out a bit flat, which I can’t tell you why. They were able to get that goal off the set piece, which gave them quite a bit of momentum. Once a team like that picks up momentum, it’s hard to stop them.”

On the team formation:
“I think it depends on who you are playing as well. I think different formations offer different things. If we are playing one forward underneath or two up top, it doesn’t matter, our mentality should stay the same. We have to figure out what the game is giving us, and what is happening as it’s happening.”

On Jurgen Klinsmann’s rotation of players:
“It’s been a pretty solid group for us for a few years now. Different games are going to bring different situations, and we have to adapt to those.”

U.S. Men’s National Team defender OMAR GONZALEZ
On the first goal the USA allowed in the second half to Rafael Marquez:
“On that play, Kyle [Beckerman] and I were talking before and I said they are going to pick me so we have to switch. We just haven’t practiced enough set pieces, and I was picked and we weren’t able to switch. It was a great header by Marquez. Once they scored that goal, they put a lot of pressure on us.”

On his performance:
“I think that overall, I did pretty well – it was just that one corner. I’m happy that this is a friendly and it’s something that I have to keep working on. The only tough part is that you don’t want to be too handsy because you get called for the PK. It’s a little bit tough to manage, but we still have to keep on working hard. Nothing is set in stone, so I have to continue with my head down and keep working hard. I am going back with the Galaxy, hopefully get some wins, and get that call to the camp.”

U.S. Men’s National Team midfielder LANDON DONOVAN
On the match: 
“I felt good tonight. It was nice to get some minutes on the field, obviously. I wanted to start the game, but the circumstances didn’t allow that. It was fun to be a part of. It was another really good game between the two teams. I enjoyed it.”

On how he feels from a health standpoint:
“When I am healthy and healthy enough to train, I train and I train well. This week was tough. I had some tendonitis, so I wasn’t able to move the way I want to. It was good to back off a little bit and still get minutes tonight. I thought was a little bit impactful and helped make a little bit of a difference.”

On how the team played:
“I thought we started well; I thought we were too cautious in the second half. I thought we needed to come out with better energy in the second half keep the pressure on them. I think when they get a goal, their confidence goes up and they’re a different team. We allowed that. We allowed them back in the game.”

U.S. Men’s National Team goalkeeper NICK RIMANDO
On the match: 
“In the first half, we got our chances and we put them away. In the second half, the coach got on them a little bit. They came after us. They got two goals, unfortunately, but we chased for the winner, gave them some opportunities in the end. But, we got a result. We have to improve on that.”

On Mexico coming back for the draw:
“You have a flow in the beginning. I think the coaches want to see some players, see what they can do on the field, so you’re going to make some subs. It takes a little bit for them to get in the rhythm with the players who are already on the field, but I thought they adjusted well. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get the winner at the end.”

On the second half:
“In the second half, toward the end, I think both teams were pushing for the game-winning goal, so there was a lot of room in the midfield. Unfortunately we didn’t get a goal, but we kept it a tie, and that’s a result.”

On Matt Besler and Omar Gonzalez playing together:
“I think they’ve been together for a while now. I think Clarence [Goodson] has played with both. They’re strong in the air; they’re starting, I think, to get really comfortable with each other. With Michael in front of them, it makes it even more comfortable. Always room to improve, and we have a couple more months until the World Cup.”