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Typhoon Sepat Taipei Taiwan ooyala title

The following video was taken from the Grand Hyatt hotel in Taipei, Taiwan on August 17th, 2007. Super Typhoon Sepat came ashore in Taiwan (between Taitung and Hualien) on August 17, 2007, after bringing torrential rain and flooding to the Philippines the day before. After crossing the island, Sepat held on to minimal typhoon intensity before weakening to a severe tropical storm that night. The typhoon reached Category 5 typhoon, the very top of the scale, with sustained winds of 184 kilometers per hour (114 miles per hour). Heavy rainfall in Taiwan, which reached 984 mm (38.7 in) at Tianhsiang in Hualien resulted in numerous mudslides while the combination of the precipitation and winds caused an estimated $1.14 biilion USD. More than 70,000 homes lost power (ooyala description)