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Conference Call Quote Sheet: U.S. MNT Goalkeeper Tim Howard

U.S. Men’s National Team goalkeeper Tim Howard answered questions from media via a conference call from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

On the attention he has received and how he is dealing with it:
“I think when you get in the public eye, you just try and figure out a way to deal with it. I’m old, so I’ve been dealing with it for a while. I keep my feet on the ground and just figure out a way to deal with it. Like I said, it’s nothing new when you’re in the public eye. It’s nice that America knows about soccer. I think that’s what’s most important.”

On being the subject of social media praise and photos:
“In today’s day and age with social media and all the rest of it, nothing surprises me. There are some very creative and funny individuals out there. If it makes them happy, I think it’s quite funny.”

On if he prepared differently or knew the game against Belgium would be different:
“That’s a good question. I’ve been asked that a couple times today. I always try and do the same things every day. I eat the same way, I train the same way, and I’ve found success doing that. I don’t think you can ever prepare yourself for those types of performances. You just hope that if you work hard enough for long enough, you’ll get a little bit of luck.”

On his future with the U.S. Men’s National Team:
“I signed an extension which is a four-year contract with Everton. That excites me, all the good things that are going on at that club, which obviously is a club that I love. What happens going forward with the National Team? I don’t know. The emotions are too raw at the moment so I’ll let everything die down. I’ll speak to people who are close to me and the manager and decide what my future looks like. I don’t think it’s very black and white to be honest, so I need to figure all that out.”

On the attention the U.S. MNT gets and competing with the other sports in the U.S.:
“I tell you what, I don’t think it’s a bad thing. Every four years, America gets behind this team, obviously we have a good following anyway, but gets behind this team and really drives us forward. I live in Europe and there are a lot of European countries that don’t. They’re very cynical. Their team goes to the World Cup and they don’t do very well and everyone says ‘I told you so.’ I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing that all the attention is on us every four years and that people take notice. It’s hard to sustain that every day. Around the world in Europe and Africa and Asia and South America, soccer is either the No. 1 sport or the only sport. In America, we’re competing with football, basketball, baseball, hockey. It’s not as easy a question as that, but the support has been immense.”

On whether or not he might retire:
“There’s a lot that goes into the decision and right now emotions are high so I want to let things settle. There’s no doubt, barring injury, that I’ll be fit and willing to keep going, but there are a lot more things that go into that decision than just my physical health. It’s something that, in time, I’ll decide.”

On whether he was more tired after making a record-setting 16 saves than after a normal game:
“No, physically I was fine. Physically, I was great. I think when you’re active and you’re in the match a lot, you just go into a zone, your body goes into autopilot. I mean, those guys in front of me are incredible. How they run that long and that hard is beyond me. I’m driving them on, I’m cracking the whip and I can see they don’t want to do it but they keep pushing themselves and their performance was absolutely miraculous. It’s very tough to do what they did for 120 minutes.”

On the influence of Roberto Martinez on his goalkeeping and playing the ball out of the ball back with his feet more:
“That’s a great observation. I think it’s laughable that I find myself in the games sometimes thinking, ‘I’m only doing this because Roberto wants it done, you know?’ He’s just been incredible. He has given me the confidence to not only play out of the back but to control the rhythm and to see how the build-up works from a goalkeeping standpoint. He’s been fabulous. He and I were introduced to each other at 34 and I thought that was it, I thought I had learned everything I needed to learn. He’s been a breath of fresh air in his style and the way he has encouraged me to play.”

On his thoughts regarding the young talent coming into the Men’s National Team:
“The talent pool is rich. This was a very young team and even if guys didn’t play serious minutes, they were a part of this experience and they’ll be so much better for it in the coming years whether that be Copa America, Gold Cup, Confederations Cup, World Cup qualifying and on to the next World Cup. As we saw with Julian Green last night who came on with a goal that we desperately needed, but I think more so DeAndre Yedlin has just put a big smile on my face. He comes into the game and faces Eden Hazard and he never looked back, and Eden Hazard is the best player in the Premier League, or was one of them last year, and he’s a threat to anyone and DeAndre got his head down and dared him to come at him. I think it’s very exciting for U.S. Soccer.”