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Midge Purce

U.S. U-20 Women’s World Cup Quote Sheet: USA vs. Brazil

U.S. U-20 WNT head coach MICHELLE FRENCH

On Summer Green’s impact and what she brings to the team:
“She’s come in and she’s been so composed on the ball and so technical and confident. It’s a piece that’s important for us. When she comes in late in the game with fresh legs, she’s changed the momentum for us. I couldn’t be more pleased with the impact that she made today. She was smiling and beaming after the game because of how well she did and we know that’s what Summer can do. To know you have that weapon to come off the bench is really important for us.”

On Taylor Racioppi’s performance off the bench in her first U-20 cap:
“I thought Taylor (Racioppi) came in and after she ran her legs off for the first five minutes, I thought she was extremely composed. For only being with this team for one camp, to come in and start to connect with everybody, both in her defensive shape and being able to be composed and get a hold of the ball. I thought it was big for her to be able to do that. “

On Cari Roccaro’s performance and leading the defense:
“Cari held our line. She stepped when she needed to and pushed players on when she needed to. She kept everyone connected, which is so key in our defensive shape. Her leadership and her ability to win balls in the air was big for us.”

On the U.S. defensive effort against Brazil:
“Brazil’s confidence on the ball, their ability to be patient on the ball and build, was a big challenge for us because we had to be just as patient defensively and not get stretched, similar to what happened in the Germany game where we did get stretched defensively. I was really proud of our players for staying disciplined in the way that we wanted to defend tonight.”

On the team’s feeling going forward in the tournament:
“The plan is to continue to get stronger and play better with every game. I still think we struggled with our possession and developing our rhythm and creating our rhythm. We still have a lot more to continue to get better at moving into our China game. But we’ve got a lot bigger pulse than we did before we started this game. “

On Lindsey Horan’s goal-scoring ability:
“That’s one of the things that she does best, her movement in the box to lose defenders. She’s so savvy and sophisticated. It’s typical Lindsey, but it’s definitely a special trait of hers.”

On Horan’s mentality:
“She was pretty focused going into the game today and very determined to play well. Of course she wants to get a goal, but at the end of the day she wanted us to get the three points. For her to score that goal in that big of a moment is going to be great for her moving forward to get that weight off her shoulders.”

On the feeling of getting the win over Brazil:
“I don’t know if relief is the word I would use, but we knew it was going to be vitally important to get three points tonight. I was just happy that we were able to do that.”

On the feeling towards the end of the game with the score tied at 0-0:
“We felt as a staff that we were going to find a way to get one. We didn’t know who it was going to come from. I thought the players that came in completely impacted the game. For us to be able to continue to scratch and fight and find a way to get one says a lot about the mentality of this team. “

On playing a defensive battle against Brazil:
“It’s not out of our comfort zone because we spend a lot of time dedicated to our defending and our defending shape. It’s just the World Cup and you’re in an environment where you want to go get the ball. Being patient is part of it, but at the same time I think we did well and I was proud of the players.”

U.S. U-20 WNT midfielder ROSE LAVELLE

On the mentality of the team moving forward:
“It’s such proud moment knowing that we got the result and we’re going all the way to Moncton with our heads held high and a chance to move on. We had to dig deep towards the end, but we got the goal. That’s the American spirit – we keep fighting no matter what.”

On the physicality of play:
“I think at times we were getting a little frustrated, so we might resort to being a little more physical but overall it wasn’t too terrible. I think both teams played a pretty hard game.“

On Summer Green’s contribution as a sub:
“Summer’s awesome, coming off the bench and making such a huge impact. It was such a great cross line and Lindsey’s finish was just icing on the cake.”

On building and moving on to the next game:
“We’re excited to still have a chance to move on. We are going to embrace this moment, but then we’re going to refocus and move on to the next game. China will a huge challenge.”

U.S. U-20 WNT forward SUMMER GREEN

On the game-winning goal:
“What I remember is trying to get past the outside and one of the Brazil players defending me and getting a piece of the ball and kind of tripping. After that I picked my head up and looked for people in white and I saw Lindsey pop out. She was right there and finished an amazing goal.”

On the approach as a sub:
“Coming off the bench, I try to stay as focused as if I am in the game. We’ve always learned to be in the game, not at the game. I have a lot of support from the players and the coaches. When I go in I just get myself ready and have that mentality that we need to get a result.”

On playing for the U.S. and playing with something to prove:
“Playing for the U.S., we always have something to prove. We’ve got to show who we are. I think that’s part of any team. Everyone out here – on the bench, coming off the bench, on the field – everyone as something to prove.”

U.S. U-20 WNT forward Lindsey Horan

On the feeling after winning the game:
“It feels amazing. We wanted it so bad and we worked so hard. During the game we all came together and gutted it out. It was incredible.”

On creating chances and persevering:
“We were creating opportunities like last game and it wasn’t going our way again. We were trying to stay positive and know that the chances were going to keep coming. Summer Green came into the game and completely changed it. We kept plugging away and going for it.”

On the game-winning goal:
“Our team got the ball wide, Summer got to end line, dribbled around the girl, and played me a perfect ball. Credit to her, I thought that was outstanding. She really changed the game for me.”

On the U-20 WNT’s confidence going forward:
“I think it’s huge for our confidence. We now know that we can put away these chances and we can come together as a team. Getting our opening goal and winning our first game just boosts the team up a lot. In the locker room after the game, it was incredible difference.”