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U-15 BNT Gold Cup Named Champions of U-15 BNT Festival

In the U-15 BNT Festival, Gold Cup were named champions of the tournament. Josh Sargent gained the lead for Gold Cup in the first minute. Copa America equalized in the 29th minute with a goal by Akil Watts.

Minutes after the beginning of the second half, George Acosta granted Gold Cup the lead once again. But it was Nicolas Garcia-Morillo who scored in the 49th minute to tie the game. In the 67th minute, George Acosta scored to grant Gold Cup the victors of the match. Copa America countered afterward to win the friendly penalty kick shootout 5-4 against Gold Cup.

-- U.S. U-15 Men’s National Team Match Report --
Match: U.S. U15 BNT Gold Cup v. U.S. U15 BNT Copa America 
Date: Saturday, November 7, 2015 
Competition: US U15 BNT Festival 
Venue: U17 National Team Field 1 
Kickoff: 4:00pm 
Attendance: 50 
Weather:  Mid 80’s, sunny  
Scoring Summary: 1 2 F  
Gold Cup 1 2 3  
Copa America  1 1 2  

Gold Cup 40 – Josh Sargent  (Assist – Issa Rayyan) 1st minute 
Copa America 35 – Akil Watts (Assist – Ayo Akinola) 29
Gold Cup   60 – George Acosta (Assist – Isaac Angking) 47
Copa America   17 – Nicolas Garcia-Morillo (Assist – Ayo Akinola)   49
Gold Cup 60 – George Acosta (Assist – Jack Valderrabano)   67
Gold Cup: GK-Mason Finnell, 13-Bryan Perez, 30-Michael Edwards, 41-Ian Murphy, 21-Tristan Weber, 70-Carlos Anguiano Diaz (39-Jesus Sahagun, 56th), 42-Isaac Angking, 60-George Acosta, 69-Andrew Carleton, 66-Issa Rayyan (64-Jack Valderrabano, 48th), 40-Josh Sargent  
Subs not used: GK – Alex Budnik, 16 – Allen Seals 
Not dressed: none 
Head Coach: Brian Johnson 

Copa America: 12-Quantrell Jones, 20-Tyler Freitas, 18-Jake Arteaga, 24-Griffin DeBolt (19-Ben Mines, 59th), 4Charlie Asensio, 13-James Sands, 35-Akil Watts, 29-John Murphy (26-Mario Licor, 42nd), 10-Ben Lederman (28Bryce Orsini, 56th), 17-Nicolas Garcia-Morillo, 9-Ayo Akinola  
Subs not used: 22 – Hunter Pinho, 15 – Seth Kuhn, 16 – James Orozco 
Not dressed: none 
Head Coach: Junior Gonzalez 

Stats Summary: Gold Cup / Copa America 
Shots: 15 / 12 
Shots on Goal: 11 / 7 
Saves: 5 / 8 
Corner Kicks: 2 / 5 
Fouls: 0 / 6 
Offside: 2 / 0 
Misconduct Summary: 
Caution – 64-Jack Valderrabano, 70th minute 
Head – Stephen Richardson 
Assistant No. 1 – Janessa Gunn 
Assistant No. 2 – Natalie Simon 
Scoring Summary: 
1st Half: 
Gold Cup (1st) – Issa Rayyan shields off the defender and slots a ball behind the defense that finds the run of Josh Sargent who finishes to the keeper’s right.  
Copa America (29th) – Akil Watts plays Ayo Akinola wide in the box, Akinola plays a return ball to Watts who continued his run and finishes across goal into the upper left corner.  
2nd Half: 
Gold Cup (47th) – Isaac Angking wins the ball off a turnover in the opponent’s half and finds George Acosta in the box, Acosta chips it over the keeper and into the right side of the net.  
Copa America (49h) – Ayo Akinola collects the ball inside the box and makes a quick move before passing across goal to Nicolas Garcia-Morillo who finishes across the goal into the left side of the net.  
Gold Cup (67th) – George Acosta cuts inside the box and plays a ball back to Jack Valderrabano at the top of the box, Valderrabano returns the ball to Acosta who beats the keeper with a hard and low shot.  
Friendly PK Shootout: 
Copa America wins 5-4 on a friendly PK Shootout 

Q&A: John Hackworth Reviews delle Nazioni Tournament

The U.S. Under-15 Boys’ National Team won the Tournament delle Nazioni in Gradisca D’Isonzo, Italy last week after defeating Austria 3-2 in the final. The tournament was hosted by Austria, Italy and Slovenia. Overall, the team went 3-1-1 in the tournament, reaching the final after defeating Italy in penalty kicks 5-4 in the semifinal round following a 0-0 draw in regulation. It was the first-ever delle Nazioni title for the U.S. The event included a host of traditionally strong international teams including Brazil, Italy and England.   

U-15 BNT head coach John Hackworth spoke with to talk about the win and the continued progress of the team. What are you overall thoughts on the team’s performance in Italy and how special was it to win the Tournament delle Nazioni for the first time with the USA?

John Hackworth: “Obviously when you win a tournament, especially the way we did, it’s incredibly rewarding and pleasing, but it wasn’t without some difficulties. In the end I’m really proud of this young group of men because they grew throughout the tournament and did it against some older and stronger international opponents and beat two host nations and faced the other host nation on their home field, so quite an accomplishment by this group.” What does a win do for the confidence of these young players?

JH: “I think that winning, and especially winning in the way that we did, is really important for development because it teaches players about the importance of preparation and the process, and also that winning is not something that is done without some practice. To go there and to play with our principles in mind and at the same time get the results that we needed in order to be successful, that component of the player development was really important for this group.” What experiences can these young players gain from playing in international tournaments overseas?

JH: “There are a lot of basic experiences that you gain from seeing international competition and being in a foreign environment and having to face different challenges both from a tactical nature and an environmental and cultural standpoint. When you put all of those together and are successful on the field where you do get results, I think that puts a reward on the training and preparation that a group does. Now there’s a belief that you can be successful, and while the things that we experienced on our home soil are a little different than the things we experienced abroad, we can still be really successful. That’s really important for those young players that they have the belief that they can do that.”

“For this group of players it’s really important because no U.S. team has ever gone there and won it before. You look at the Italian team that’s won this tournament several times. For us to play them in the semifinals and really play a very good game where we were deserving of winning in regulation, and yet we had to win it in penalty kicks, was significant. We had to overcome being down to the last Italian shooter and they could’ve won it if they were successful. There’s a lot there that’s important. Now I think that group of young men can look around and say ‘look we faced some really good competition, and it’s one thing for the coaching staff and people to tell us that we have the ability to be successful, it’s another to actually do it, especially in the fashion in which we did.’ We stuck to a lot of really good principles and we played a little tactically different against Italy, but in my opinion we were the better team.” What were the principles and keys in the games against Italy and Austria?

JH: “You go into this tournament and it’s not like you’ve scouted these opponents. Against Costa Rica, Slovenia and Austria we were playing older 99s, and while we started a couple of 99s the majority of their group was older. Against Croatia we played our 2000s and they played their 2000s. Against Italy, while they were 2000s, there was a pretty noticeable physical difference between our side and theirs. My point is we stuck to what we wanted to do in terms of our style and our preparation and implemented the principles that we want our players to both attack and defend in. We talk about the importance of transition and all the things we believe are going to make our group play better far down the road from what they are doing right now. That being said, we did have to adjust tactically to play both Italy and Austria when it counted and the discipline and the tactical ability of our young guys to execute it was really impressive.”

“I’ve been to a lot of international tournaments, and when you have the success that we did and when you do it against the types of opponents that we did, you definitely have now reinforced that belief that we are making really positive steps forward in our playing development. In competing against some of the best teams in the world, we are on that same level. I think this is a really good sign for this particular age group. If you look at the current U-20s and the current U-17s and this pool of players, this becomes exciting, because it looks like our young teams are playing at a level that some of the best teams around the world are doing and we’re being successful with our results as well.” How can this team’s success spur further successes down the road?

JH: “Having these 20 young men be successful can only push the pool. I’ve said it before: it’s a very deep pool and there were some really tough choices in that roster selection. I think it drives the level higher and higher. I know guys that were in camps with us earlier in the year and sent me text messages or emails that said, ‘Hey, congratulations to the boys. I can’t wait until I get called into the next camp or event.’  This result is going to push those guys that weren’t there that much harder to get their spot and hopefully when they are called upon they will rise to the challenge as well.” How do these camps and tournaments propel these players to the next level?

JH: “Our training and our preparation is to ultimately go up the pyramid to the U-17s. That’s the next stop for this age group. Hopefully we have reinforced a lot of those ideas that Richie Williams wants to see out of his team, and like his team we have now been successful in winning a tournament that had the likes of Brazil and Mexico and England and Italy and teams that have won it in the past. For the first time we can say that we are champions.”

U-15 BNT Wins Tournament delle Nazioni with 3-2 Victory over Austria

GRADISCA D’ISONZO, Italy (May 1, 2015) --The U.S. Under-15 Boys' National Team defeated Austria 3-2 to win the 12th Tournament delle Nazioni today in Gradisca D’Isonzo, Italy. Andrew Carleton scored two first-half goals and Tim Weah added a score in the second half, as the team was able to hold off Austria to take home the tournament title.

The U.S. struck first in the 12th minute when George Acosta sent a pass up to Carleton, who got past the last Austrian defender, dribbled around the goalkeeper and scored. Ten minutes later Carleton added to his tally by running onto the ball after a U.S. shot had rebounded off the post and firing it into the bottom right corner of the goal, doubling the U.S. lead.

In the second half the U.S. scored first again when Tim Weah received a pass, took a turn and fired from the top of the box to put the U.S. up 3-0. Austria got on the board a minute later and made things interesting by adding another score in the 77th minute.

While Austria threatened in the game’s final minutes, the U.S. defense stood firm and held on for the 3-2 win.

- U.S. U-15 Boys’ National Team Match Report -

Match: U.S. U-15 BNT vs. Austria
Date: Friday, May 1, 2015
Competition: Torneo Delle Nazioni, FINAL
Venue: Gradisca D’Isonzo, Italy
Kickoff: 3:30pm
Attendance: 500
Weather:  63 degrees; cloudy /light rain 

Scoring Summary:            1              2              F                            
USA                                        2              1              3                            
AUT                                  0              2              2 

USA – Andrew Carleton (George Acosta)                                       11 minute
USA – Andrew Carleton (Ayo Akinola)                                          23
USA – Tim Weah (Ayo Akinola)                                                      61
AUT – Nicolas Meister                                                                       63
AUT – Nicolas Meiser                                                                         76

USA: 1-Eric Lopez, 17-Zico Bailey, 19-Jaylin Lindsey, 3-Kelee Cornfield-Saunders, 21-Chandler Vaughn, 8-Chris Durkin, 18-Chris Goslin (4-Jake Arteaga, 67), 13-George Acosta (15-Carlos Anguiano Diaz, 55), 9-Lucas Del Rosario (7-Tim Weah, 55), 16-Ayo Akinola (20-Adrian Villegas, 67), 11-Andrew Carleton (2-Bryan Perez, 83)
Subs not used: 5-Rayshaun McGann, 6-Blaine Ferri, 22-Alex Budnik
Not dressed: 10-Nicholas Taitague

Head Coach: John Hackworth 

AUT: 1-Semir Karalic, 12-Benedikt Donnerer (20-Philipp Riegler, 41), 4-Dario Maresic, 5-Luca Meisl, 3-Alexander Burgstaller, 6-Valentino Muller, 18-Jorg Wagnes, 8-Florian Fischerauer, 7-Philipp Sittsam (11-Kenan Kirim, 35), 9-Nicolas Meister, 10-Christoph Baumgartner (17-Philipp Sturm, 49)
Subs not used: 21- Mario Schragl, 14-Maurice Mathis, 16-Elvedin Buljubasic, 2-Leonardo Zottele, 15-Hannes Wolf, 13-Patrick Obermuller
Not dressed: none

Head Coach: Andreas Heraf

Stats Summary: USA / AUT
Shots: 4 / 10
Shots on Goal: 4 / 7
Saves: 9 / 3
Corner Kicks: 1 / 5
Fouls: 12 / 14
Offside: 0 / 3

Misconduct Summary:

Referee: Chiffi Daniece
Assistant Referee 1: Savorgnani Stefano
Assistant Referee 2:  Masini Giovani