#SheBelieves - New Orleans

Susan Spicer chats with U.S. WNT forward Christen Press good food, having a good attitude and running the show while loving what you do.

#SheBelieves - Phoenix

Sandrine Nzeukou chats with U.S. WNT defender Julie Johnston about work ethic, having a strong drive and achieving whatever it is you wish to do if you decide to really give it your all.

#SheBelieves - San Antonio

Kellie Elliot chats with U.S. WNT forward Crystal Dunn about women in top managerial jobs across athletics and all professions.

#SheBelieves - Honolulu

Cynthia McArthur chats with USWNT defender Kelley O’Hara about women in science and the importance of finding your passion to be able to blaze your own trail.

#SheBelieves - Orlando

NASA Deputy Director Janet Petro chats with Becky Sauerbrunn about breaking barriers for women, working hard and having the drive to make those big dreams happen.

#SheBelieves - Orlando

Artist Kate Parker chats with Megan Rapinoe about strong depictions of women in art, celebrating who they are.

#SheBelieves - Seattle

Firefighter Susie Rosenthal chats with Hope Solo about breaking through professional barriers.

#SheBelieves - Detroit

Film maker Amy S. Weber Chats with Ashlyn Harris about giving youth a voice against bullying.

#SheBelieves - Chattanooga

Heather O'Reilly chats with Dr. Autumn Graves about guiding young women and girls into positions of leadership through academics, extracurricular activities and athletics.

#SheBelieves - Pittsburgh

Meghan Klingenberg chats with retired Navy Lieutenant Commander, Regina Koetters, about her specialty restaurant that aims to catalyze change in the Pittsburgh culinary scene.

WNT Brings #SheBelieves to Local Communities

In an effort to give back to the fans who support them on the field, WNT players are sending a simple yet powerful message back: the #SheBelieves campaign is a message to young girls that they can accomplish all their goals and dreams.

#SheBelieves Letter to Fans

Read the #USWNT letter encouraging fans to follow in their dreams.