Hall of Fame Q&A: Sigi Schmid - "This Is Something I Am Very Proud Of"

Sigi Schmid
Sigi Schmid

On receiving the honor: 

“It’s certainly right up there with the top moments I’ve experienced in this sport. It’s a reflection of your peers acknowledging what you’ve done, and it’s a reflection of the body of your work, so this is something I am very proud of.” 

On some of his most memorable career moments: 

“I wish I could narrow it down to one or two moments, but there are so many — my time coaching at UCLA and my first NCAA title, the World Cup in 1994 and being an assistant coach, coaching the [United States] U-20 Team, winning an MLS championship with the Galaxy and Columbus, to being here on opening day with the Seattle Sounders as an expansion team and drawing the crowd we did and having that memorable game against New York. There’s so many things — I can’t really rank them and say one sits above the other — they all sort of go hand-in-hand for me.” 

On being inducted alongside Kasey Keller and Glenn Myernick: 

“I am honored to be inducted alongside Kasey Keller, who is a Seattle soccer icon. I knew Mooch [Glenn Myernick] for a long time, and as a colleague, a coach and a player, he dedicated his life to the sport, and he’s such a good person. Being inducted with those two guys is a tremendous honor, and I am very humbled.” 

On the relationships he’s built with players throughout his storied career: 

“The biggest thing for me has been the players I have had the privilege coaching and the players that have become friends; the relationships and friendships that have existed beyond coaching players — now that for me is the biggest reward. That is bigger than the trophies or any of the awards, just knowing that you have been meaningful in someone’s life.”