U.S. Men’s CP National Team

The U.S. Men’s CP National Team has been a part of U.S. Soccer for more than 20 years now (previously known as the U.S. Para 7-a-side National Team) and had their strongest ever showing at the IFCPC Men’s World Cup in 2022, with a fourth place finish.


The CP MNT is for eligible qualifying players with Cerebral Palsy, stroke or traumatic brain injury. If you or someone you know qualifies for the Men’s CP National Team and plays at a high level, you can contact us via email at ExtendedNT@ussoccer.org for more information on potential playing opportunities.

Check back later for the latest roster.



Time (ET)


Nov. 18, 2023

USA vs. Chile 12:30 PM Santiago, Chile

Nov. 19, 2023

USA vs. Argentina 12:30 PM Santiago, Chile
Nov. 20, 2023 USA vs. Brazil 5:30 PM Santiago, Chile
Nov. 22, 2023 USA vs. Venezuela 3 PM Santiago, Chile
Nov. 23, 2023 USA vs. Canada 3 PM Santiago, Chile