u.s. soccer talent identification
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Welcome to Talent Identification (TID)

MISSION AND Philosophy

Our Mission

To identify and monitor players for Youth National Teams and make a meaningful impact on the evolving soccer landscape by raising the level of youth scouting through Talent ID education and awareness. 

Our Philosophy

  • Talent is developed in the “right” environment
  • Talent identification starts with the clubs, for which they need quality, diverse and expansive scouting networks
  • Identification and examination must happen in the context of the game, taking into consideration the conditions, level and demands
  • Players develop at different rates and their performance trajectory is non-linear
  • Talent identification is a long-term examination and monitoring process, where current performance and future potential are influenced by environment, age and maturation
  • When looking for an ideal talent, the key or exceptional qualities of a player are different for every club and/or federation because it should be connected to their identity (core values, style of play/principals, culture)
  • Scouts need to use a common structure for examining players and speak the same language
  • Scouts must gather information that is objective (factual) vs subjective (opinions) and apply a quantitative analysis throughout the examination, reporting and decision-making process
  • In a gender-neutral talent identification framework with a gender-specific scouting strategy
  • In building relationships with all communities