u.s. soccer talent identification
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Welcome to Talent Identification (TID)


Talent Identification is responsible for developing scouts worldwide to find the best soccer talent the U.S. has to offer. We are committed to expanding and improving our scouting network through accessible and holistic education, age appropriate identification, and club outreach. Developing the scouting network enables us to grow the Youth National Team player pool and find youth players with the most talent and potential to build the bright future of U.S. Soccer.

MISSION AND Philosophy

Our Mission

To identify and monitor players for Youth National Teams and make a meaningful impact on the evolving soccer landscape by raising the level of youth scouting through Talent ID education and awareness. 

Our Philosophy

  • Talent is developed in the “right” environment
  • Talent identification starts with the clubs, for which they need quality, diverse and expansive scouting networks
  • Identification and examination must happen in the context of the game, taking into consideration the conditions, level and demands
  • Players develop at different rates and their performance trajectory is non-linear
  • Talent identification is a long-term examination and monitoring process, where current performance and future potential are influenced by environment, age and maturation
  • When looking for an ideal talent, the key or exceptional qualities of a player are different for every club and/or federation because it should be connected to their identity (core values, style of play/principals, culture)
  • Scouts need to use a common structure for examining players and speak the same language
  • Scouts must gather information that is objective (factual) vs subjective (opinions) and apply a quantitative analysis throughout the examination, reporting and decision-making process
  • In a gender-neutral talent identification framework with a gender-specific scouting strategy
  • In building relationships with all communities