Talent Identification: FAQ
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are U.S. Soccer YNT Talent Identification Centers?

  • U.S. Soccer YNT ID Centers are run directly by U.S. Soccer and used to identify players for the Youth National Team program.


How much does it cost to participate in a YNT Talent ID Center?

  • There is no cost to the participants.

Are there age or gender limitations for attending U.S. Soccer YNT ID Centers?
  • Each U.S. Soccer YNT ID Center will specify the gender and age group, but the program caters to both genders and a span of ages from 12 to 16 years old.

Is the U.S. Soccer YNT ID Center a tryout?

  • No. While good performances can lead to selection for the Youth Nation Team player pool, the session is not a formal tryout.
  • Participation is also a way for U.S. Soccer staff to track development of top players in different areas across the country.

How can I sign my son or daughter up for a U.S. Soccer YNT Talent ID Center?
  • Players are identified by our scouting network and invited based on their performance with their respective club teams.
  • Players must first prove they can be successful in a competitive club environment before being invited.
  • Recommendations from club coaches and directors are accepted at scouting@ussoccer.org

If I attended a U.S. Soccer YNT Talent ID Center but was not invited to the next session, am I no longer in consideration for the Youth National Team program?

  • If you were not invited to a subsequent U.S. Soccer YNT ID Center, this does not mean you are no longer in consideration for the Youth National Team program.
  • Each Training Center has a different focus, so players are encouraged to keep working hard to be considered for a future session.

Will feedback be provided following the U.S. Soccer YNT ID Center?
  • No. Direct feedback will not be provided to participants.
  • If a player’s coach attends (and coaches are encouraged to attend) they will be the best resource for feedback on how a player performed in comparison to their peers.

What is the next step?
  • Performance on the field is the best way to get the attention of our scouting network, so continue to train in a competitive, well-rounded environment.

If a YNT ID Center is postponed how will players be notified?
  • Clubs will be contacted by email as soon as a YNT ID Center session is postponed.
  • The rescheduling of dates and times will be distributed by email, as well.

Are parents allowed to attend?
  • No. Parents are not allowed to attend and view the U.S. Soccer YNT ID Center.

Are coaches allowed to attend?
  • Yes. Youth and college coaches are welcome to attend and observe U.S. Soccer Youth National Team coaches to further their own development.

How often are U.S. Soccer YNT ID Centers held?
  • Depending on your area, U.S. Soccer YNT ID Centers are typically held every 1-3 months.
  • Our regularly updated YNT ID Center calendar can be found here.