Hope Solo: By the Numbers

For earning 200 caps for the USA, legendary goalkeeper Hope Solo was honored today during a pre-game ceremony prior to the U.S. WNT vs. Denmark match in San Diego, California.

Since her debut in 2000, Solo accrued 202 caps, and is the only goalkeeper in U.S. and world history to reach 200 appearances for her country.

Here is a breakdown of Solo’s career, by the numbers:

1: Women’s World Cup title

2: Golden Glove awards for Best Goalkeeper at Women’s World Cup (2011, 2015)

Hope Solo

2: In goal for two Olympic gold medals

3: Games played against CAF opponents

3: Played in three Women’s World Cups (2007, 2011, 2015)

9: Games played against Oceania opponents

11: Total number of games U.S. lost with Solo in goal

17: Games played in the state of California, most of any U.S. state

16: Games played against CONMEBOL opponents

27: Total number of games U.S. draws with Solo in goal

46: Games played against AFC opponents

52: Games played against CONCACAF opponents

76: Games played against UEFA opponents

100: Total number of home games played

102: Career shutouts

102: Total number of away games played

117: Goals allowed in her 202 caps

153: Total number of U.S. wins with Solo in goal

Morgan Brian, Hope Solo

195: Total number of games started with Solo at goal

202: Solo’s career WNT caps

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