Good to be Home: Ellis, Chalupny and Wambach Discuss USA's 4-0 Win Over New Zealand in St. Louis

U.S. WNT head coach Jill Ellis, defender Lori Chalupny and forward Abby Wambach discuss the USA's 4-0 win over New Zealand on April 4 in St. Louis

U.S. WNT head coach Jill Ellis

On the match:
“I was pleased. I thought there were a lot of positives, not only scoring goals but also creating chances with players coming off the bench who helped us. We talked about working on keeping clean sheets so I’m pleased with that. Obviously, our back line was tremendous on both sides of the ball. I’m pleased because New Zealand is a good team. They like to pressure us. We got a good result against a World Cup team.”

On the play of defender Julie Johnston:
“Defense is her prime responsibility and I thought, for a newer player, dealing with New Zealand in front of probably the biggest crowd she’s played in front of, she handled everything well and ran with it.”

On defenders scoring three goals:
“I’m thrilled because that’s a massive add-on (to the attack). We talk about scoring in transition, on set pieces and scoring in the run-of-play. Those set piece goals are good takeaways. Our defenders are good in the air so that should be one of their strengths.”

U.S. WNT defender Lori Chalupny

On scoring a goal in front of her hometown:
“Just to be here playing in Busch Stadium and in St. Louis in front of friends and family is enough. Then, to score a goal is pretty amazing. I feel like I’m living in a dream a little bit. Absolute joy.”

On her thoughts when she found out the WNT was going to play in St. Louis:
“To hear that we were going to play in St. Louis was great, but then to hear that it was going to be at Busch and that they were going to transform this stadium was even better. I am a huge Cardinals fan so to play in this stadium is amazing. It’s really exciting.”

On three defenders scoring for the USA:
“We have some good defenders who can push into the attack, but that’s part of the way we play, especially outside backs but also central defenders. We’re not only about defending but adding into the attack as well.”

On playing in front of the 35, 817 fans:
“It was incredible. The atmosphere was awesome. We looked around as a team and just feel so grateful to play in front of crowds like these.”

U.S. WNT forward Abby Wambach

On the atmosphere at the match:
“Some of these players haven’t really experienced it, and even though we’ll be in Canada for the World Cup, we know our fans will be there. What better way to do this than in St. Louis? And then Chalups getting the goal in her hometown… I’m proud of our team, proud of our effort. We’re finding our stride and we want to be peaking by June.”