It's a Party in the USA!

As the final whistle blew at BC Place in Vancouver and the U.S. WNT became World Champions, there was a lot to celebrate. It began on the field, where players saluted fans, friends, and family.  Medals were given and the trophy was hoisted, but that was just the beginning.  The team then participated in a photo shoot with the World Cup trophy, creating memories to last a lifetime before they headed to Fan HQ to continue the celebration. 

The USA is now the only country to win three Women's World Cups and is the country to score the most goals (five) in a WWC final -- no other team has scored more than two.  The WNT will return to the USA for a pair of friendly matches against Costa Rica on Aug. 16 and Aug. 19 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Chattanooga, Tennessee, respectively, before embarking on their nationwide celebration tour (details to be announced).