17 Numbers for the WNT in 2017

U.S. WNT - Rapinoe, Ertz, Pugh
U.S. WNT - Rapinoe, Ertz, Pugh

In 2017, the U.S. WNT saw several new faces come into the mix, and faced top-10 opponents throughout its whole schedule. Here we highlight 17 of the most important numerical aspects of this past year:

98        Career goals total at end of 2017 for Carli Lloyd

80        Career goals total at end of 2017 for Alex Morgan

44        Players Ellis saw in at least one training camp in 2017

40        WNT goals scored in 2017

U.S. WNT - Alex Morgan
Alex Morgan scored a team-leading 7 goals in 2017.

30        Players that played for the USA in 2017

27        Average age of players that played in at least one match in 2017 for USA

16        Total WNT games played in 2017

13        Goals allowed in 16 matches

11        15,000+ crowds for the USA in 2017

WNT - Mallory Pugh, Rose Lavelle
Mallory Pugh (19) and Rose Lavelle (21) were the two youngest players to see playing time with the WNT in 2017.

 7         Goals scored by Alex Morgan (best on the team)

 6         Players that earned first caps in 2017

 6         Goals scored by Julie Ertz (second-most on team)

 5         Assists by Megan Rapinoe (best on the team)

WNT - Becky Sauerbrunn
With 1,350 minutes, Sauerbrunn played the most minutes on the WNT roster in 2017.

 3         Players that played in every game this year (Sam Mewis, Christen Press and Becky Sauerbrunn) 

 2         Players that started every game this year (Sam Mewis and Becky Sauerbrunn)

 1         Players who hit 100 caps in 2017 (Kelley O’Hara)

 1         USA’s FIFA Ranking

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